Meaning of NICKEL in English

/nik"euhl/ , n. , v. , nickeled, nickeling or ( esp. Brit. ) nickelled, nickelling , adj.


1. Chem. a hard, silvery-white, ductile and malleable metallic element, allied to iron and cobalt, not readily oxidized: used chiefly in alloys, in electroplating, and as a catalyst in organic synthesis. Symbol: Ni; at. wt.: 58.71; at. no.: 28; sp. gr.: 8.9 at 20°C.

2. a cupronickel coin of the U.S., the 20th part of a dollar, equal to five cents.

3. a nickel coin of Canada, the 20th part of a dollar, equal to five cents.


4. to cover or coat with nickel; nickel-plate.


5. Slang. costing or worth five dollars: a nickel bag of heroin.

[ 1745-55; kopparnickel Kupfernickel niccolite, lit., copper demon (so called because though looking like copper it yielded none); Nickel demon, special use of short form of Nikolaus proper name. Cf. OLD NICK, PUMPERNICKEL ]

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