Meaning of OFFICE in English


n. 1 a room or building used as a place of business, esp. for clerical or administrative work. 2 a room or department or building for a particular kind of business (ticket office; post office). 3 the local centre of a large business (our London office). 4 US the consulting-room of a professional person. 5 a position with duties attached to it; a place of authority or trust or service, esp. of a public nature. 6 tenure of an official position, esp. that of a minister of State or of the party forming the Government (hold office; out of office for 13 years). 7 (Office) the quarters or staff or collective authority of a Government department etc. (Foreign Office). 8 a duty attaching to one's position; a task or function. 9 (usu. in pl.) a piece of kindness or attention; a service (esp. through the good offices of). 10 Eccl. a an authorized form of worship (Office for the Dead). b (in full divine office) the daily service of the Roman Catholic breviary (say the office). 11 a ceremonial duty. 12 (in pl.) Brit. the parts of a house devoted to household work, storage, etc. 13 sl. a hint or signal. the last offices rites due to the dead. office-bearer an official or officer. office block a large building designed to contain business offices. office boy (or girl) a young man (or woman) employed to do minor jobs in a business office. office hours the hours during which business is normally conducted. office of arms the College of Arms, or a similar body in another country. office-worker an employee in a business office.

[ ME f. OF f. L officium performance of a task (in med.L also office, divine service), f. opus work + facere fic- do ]

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