Meaning of PENNY in English


n. (pl. for separate coins -ies, for a sum of money pence) 1 a British coin and monetary unit equal to one-hundredth of a pound. °Abbr.: p. 2 hist. a former British bronze coin and monetary unit equal to one-two-hundred-and-fortieth of a pound. °Abbr.: d. 3 US colloq. a one-cent coin. 4 Bibl. a denarius. in for a penny, in for a pound an exhortation to total commitment to an undertaking. like a bad penny continually returning when unwanted. pennies from heaven unexpected benefits. penny black the first adhesive postage stamp (1840, value one penny). penny cress Bot. a plant, Thlaspi arvense, with flat round pods. penny dreadful Brit. a cheap sensational comic or story-book. the penny drops colloq. one begins to understand at last. penny farthing Brit. an early type of bicycle with one large and one small wheel. a penny for your thoughts a request to a thoughtful person to confide in the speaker. penny-in-the-slot (of a machine) activated by a coin pushed into a slot. penny-pincher a niggardly person. penny-pinching n. meanness.

adj. mean. penny post Brit. hist. the system of carrying letters etc. at a standard charge of 1d. regardless of distance. penny whistle a tin pipe with six holes giving different notes. penny wise too careful in saving small amounts. penny wise and pound foolish mean in small expenditures but wasteful of large amounts. a pretty penny a large sum of money. two a penny almost worthless though easily obtained.

[ OE penig, penning f. Gmc, perh. rel. to PAWN(2) ]

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