Meaning of STAR in English

n. & v.

n. 1 a celestial body appearing as a luminous point in the night sky. 2 (in full fixed star) such a body so far from the earth as to appear motionless (cf. PLANET, COMET). 3 a large naturally luminous gaseous body such as the sun is. 4 a celestial body regarded as influencing a person's fortunes etc. (born under a lucky star). 5 a thing resembling a star in shape or appearance. 6 a star-shaped mark, esp. a white mark on a horse's forehead. 7 a figure or object with radiating points esp. as the insignia of an order, as a decoration or mark of rank, or showing a category of excellence (a five-star hotel; was awarded a gold star). 8 a a famous or brilliant person; the principal or most prominent performer in a play, film, etc. (the star of the show). b (attrib.) outstanding; particularly brilliant ( star pupil). 9 (in full star connection) Electr. a Y-shaped arrangement of three-phase windings. 10 = star prisoner.

v. (starred, starring) 1 a tr. (of a film etc.) feature as a principal performer. b intr. (of a performer) be featured in a film etc. 2 (esp. as starred adj.) a mark, set, or adorn with a star or stars. b put an asterisk or star beside (a name, an item in a list, etc.). my stars! colloq. an expression of surprise. star-apple an edible purple apple-like fruit (with a starlike cross-section) of a tropical evergreen tree, Chrysophyllum cainito. Star Chamber Brit. Law 1 hist. a court of civil and criminal jurisdiction noted for its arbitrary procedure, and abolished in 1640. 2 any arbitrary or oppressive tribunal. star-crossed archaic ill-fated. star fruit = CARAMBOLA. star-gaze 1 gaze at or study the stars. 2 gaze intently. star-gazer 1 colloq. usu. derog. or joc. an astronomer or astrologer. 2 Austral. sl. a horse that turns its head when galloping. star of Bethlehem any of various plants with starlike flowers esp. Ornithogalum umbellatum with white star-shaped flowers striped with green on the outside (see Matt. 2:9). Star of David a figure consisting of two interlaced equilateral triangles used as a Jewish and Israeli symbol. star prisoner Brit. sl. a convict serving a first prison sentence. star route US a postal delivery route served by private contractors. Stars and Bars the flag of the Confederate States of the US. Stars and Stripes the national flag of the US. star sapphire a cabochon sapphire reflecting a star-like image due to its regular internal structure. star shell an explosive projectile designed to burst in the air and light up the enemy's position. star-spangled (esp. of the US national flag) covered or glittering with stars. star stream a systematic drift of stars. star-studded containing or covered with many stars, esp. featuring many famous performers. star turn the principal item in an entertainment or performance. Star Wars colloq. the strategic defence initiative. stardom n. starless adj. starlike adj.

[ OE steorra f. Gmc ]

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