Meaning of STAR in English

Synonyms and related words :

A per se, Aldebaran, Canicula, Dog Star, Hershey bar, Hesper, Hesperus, Lucifer, North Star, Phosphor, Phosphorus, Polaris, Sirius, VIP, Venus, Vesper, accent, accentuate, ace, act, act as foil, amount to something, appear, arch, aviation badge, badge, banner, bar, barnstorm, be a gas, be a hit, be featured, be prominent, be somebody, be something, belabor, big name, big shot, bill, blue ribbon, bomb, boss, brilliant, candle, capital, cardinal, carry weight, celeb, celebrated, celebrity, celestial body, central, champion, chevron, chicken, chief, cock, come first, come out, comer, comet, commander, constellation, cordon, cordon bleu, count, crackerjack, crowning, cut ice, cut some ice, cynosure, danseur noble, daystar, dean, decoration, decoration of honor, dignitary, distinguished, diva, dominant, dramatize, dwell on, eagle, electric light bulb, electronics king, eminent, emote, emotionalize, emphasize, epaulet, evening star, fail, famed, famous, feature, feature attraction, figure, fire, first, first tragedian, first-rater, fixed stars, flame, flop, focal, folk hero, foremost, fugleman, galaxy, garter, genius, get top billing, give emphasis to, glim, gold star, good hand, grand cordon, great, great man, harp on, hash mark, head, headline, headliner, headmost, heavenly body, heavy lead, hegemonic, hero, heroine, higher-up, highlight, honcho, idol, illuminant, illuminator, illustrious, immortal, import, important, important person, incandescent body, incomparable, inimitable, insignia of branch, italicize, jeune premier, king, lamp, lantern, laureate, lead, leader, leading, leading lady, leading light, leading man, light, light bulb, light source, lion, living sapphires, lodestar, luminant, luminaries, luminary, magician, magisterial, mahatma, main, major, make a hit, man of genius, man of mark, master, master hand, master spirit, mastermind, match, matchless, matter, melodramatize, mime, moon, morning star, mount, name, nonpareil, notability, notable, nova, oak leaf, open, open a show, orb, order, organization insignia, ornament, outrank, outstanding, overaccentuate, overemphasize, overruling, overseas bar, overstress, pantomime, parachute badge, paragon, paramount, past master, patch, patter, peerless, perform, person of note, personage, pip, place emphasis on, play, play first fiddle, play the lead, playact, pleiad, point up, polar star, polestar, pop hero, popular hero, popular idol, practiced hand, precede, predominant, preeminent, premiere, preponderant, present, prevailing, preview, prima ballerina, prima donna, primal, primary, prime, principal, prodigy, produce, prominent, protagonist, public figure, punctuate, put on, rank, rank first, rank out, ranking, red ribbon, register, riband, ribbon, rub in, ruler, ruling, sage, scenarize, senior, service stripe, set the stage, shooting star, shoulder patch, shoulder sleeve insignia, signify, singer, sketch, skilled hand, social lion, somebody, source of light, sovereign, sphere, spotlight, spread eagle, stage, stand out, starry host, stars, steal the show, stellar, stooge, stress, stripe, submarine badge, succeed, success, sun, supereminent, superior, superman, supernova, superstar, take precedence, taper, tell, the greatest, the most, theatricalize, top, top dog, topflight, topnotcher, torch, tread the boards, troupe, try out, underline, underscore, unmatched, unparalleled, upstage, victor, virtuoso, weigh, whiz, winner, wizard, wonder, worthy

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .