Meaning of WIRE in English

n. & v.

n. 1 a metal drawn out into the form of a thread or thin flexible rod. b a piece of this. c (attrib.) made of wire. 2 a length or quantity of wire used for fencing or to carry an electric current etc. 3 esp. US colloq. a telegram or cablegram.

v.tr. 1 provide, fasten, strengthen, etc., with wire. 2 (often foll. by up) Electr. install electrical circuits in (a building, piece of equipment, etc.). 3 esp. US colloq. telegraph (wired me that they were coming). 4 snare (an animal etc.) with wire. 5 (usu. in passive) Croquet obstruct (a ball, shot, or player) by a hoop. by wire by telegraph. get one's wires crossed become confused and misunderstood. wire brush 1 a brush with tough wire bristles for cleaning hard surfaces, esp. metal. 2 a brush with wire strands brushed against cymbals to produce a soft metallic sound. wire cloth cloth woven from wire. wire-cutter a tool for cutting wire. wire gauge 1 a gauge for measuring the diameter of wire etc. 2 a standard series of sizes in which wire etc. is made. wire gauze a stiff gauze woven from wire. wire grass any of various grasses with tough wiry stems. wire-haired (esp. of a dog) having stiff or wiry hair. wire mattress a mattress supported by wires stretched in a frame. wire netting netting of wire twisted into meshes. wire rope rope made by twisting wires together as strands. wire-tapper a person who indulges in wire-tapping. wire-tapping the practice of tapping (see TAP(1) v. 4) a telephone or telegraph line to eavesdrop. wire-walker an acrobat performing feats on a wire rope. wire wheel a vehicle-wheel with spokes of wire. wire wool a mass of fine wire for cleaning. wirer n.

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