Meaning of ANIMAL in English


n. 25B6; noun

endangered animals : CREATURE, beast, living thing; ( animals ) wildlife, fauna; N. Amer. informal critter. See lists here and at amphibian , arachnid , bat , bear , bird , butterfly , cat , cattle , cetacean , deer , dog , fish , fowl , fox , game , goat , horse , insect , marsupial , mollusc , monkey , moth , pig , prosimian , rabbit , reptile , rodent , seal , sheep , snake , squirrel , weasel , wolf , worm , young .

the man was an animal : BRUTE, beast, monster, devil, demon, fiend; informal swine, bastard, pig.


25B6; adjective

animal life : ZOOLOGICAL, animalistic; rare zoic.

a grunt of animal passion : CARNAL, fleshly, bodily, physical; brutish, unrefined, uncultured, coarse.

Male and Female Animals

animal male female

antelope buck doe

badger boar sow

bear boar sow

bobcat tom lioness

buffalo bull cow

camel bull cow

caribou stag doe

cat tom queen

cattle bull cow

chicken cock hen

cougar tom lioness

coyote dog bitch

deer stag doe

dog dog bitch

donkey jackass jennyass

duck drake duck

elephant bull cow

ferret jack jill

fish cock hen

fox fox vixen

giraffe bull cow

goat billygoat nannygoat

goose gander goose

hare buck doe

hartebeest bull cow

horse stallion mare

impala ram ewe

jackrabbit buck doe

kangaroo buck doe

leopard leopard leopardess

lion lion lioness

lobster cock hen

moose bull cow

ox bullock cow

peacock peacock peahen

pheasant cock hen

pig boar sow

rhinoceros bull cow

seal bull cow

sheep ram ewe

swan cob pen

tiger tiger tigress

weasel boar cow

whale bull cow

wolf dog bitch

zebra stallion mare

Animals' Homes

animal home

badger sett/earth

bear den

beaver lodge

bee beehive/apiary

bird nest/aviary

cow byre

dog kennel

dove dovecote

eagle eyrie

fish aquarium

fox earth/hole/burrow

hare form

hen coop

horse stable

lion den

otter holt

pig sty

rabbit burrow/warren

sheep fold/pen

squirrel drey

wasp nest/vespiary

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.