Meaning of DISTRESS in English


n. 25B6; noun

she concealed her distress : ANGUISH, suffering, pain, agony, torment, heartache, heartbreak; misery, wretchedness, sorrow, grief, woe, sadness, unhappiness, desolation, despair.

a ship in distress : DANGER, peril, difficulty, trouble, jeopardy, risk.

the poor in distress : HARDSHIP, adversity, poverty, deprivation, privation, destitution, indigence, impoverishment, penury, need, dire straits.

happiness, safety, prosperity.

25B6; verb he was distressed by the trial : CAUSE ANGUISH/SUFFERING TO, pain, upset, make miserable; trouble, worry, bother, perturb, disturb, disquiet, agitate, harrow, torment; informal cut up.

calm, please.

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