Meaning of DOING in English

n. 25B6; noun

the doing of the act constitutes the offence : PERFORMANCE, performing, carrying out, execution, implementation, implementing, achievement, accomplishment, realization, completion; formal effectuation.

an account of his doings in Paris : EXPLOIT, activity, act, action, deed, feat, achievement, accomplishment; informal caper.

that would take some doing : EFFORT, exertion, (hard) work, application, labour, toil, struggle.

(Brit. informal) the drawer where he kept the doings : THING, so-and so; informal whatsit, whatnot, doodah, thingummy, thingamajig, thingamabob, what's-its-name, what-d'you-call-it, oojamaflip, oojah; Brit. informal gubbins; N. Amer. informal doohickey, doojigger, dingus.

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