Meaning of MAGNITUDE in English


n. 25B6; noun

the magnitude of the task : IMMENSITY, vastness, hugeness, enormity; size, extent, expanse, greatness, largeness, bigness.

events of tragic magnitude : IMPORTANCE, import, significance, weight, consequence, mark, notability, note; formal moment.

a change in magnitude on the Richter scale : VALUE, figure, number, measure, order, quantity, vector, index, indicator.

a star of magnitude 4.2 : BRIGHTNESS, brilliance, radiance, luminosity.

smallness, triviality.

25A0; of the first magnitude OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE, of the greatest significance, very important, of great consequence; formal of great moment.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.