Meaning of MAGNITUDE in English




order of magnitude

That was a problem but this crisis is of a different order of magnitude.

the magnitude of an earthquake (= how powerful it is )

Measuring stations identify the location and magnitude of an earthquake within a few minutes of the event.




Some mills were small, although others were of much greater magnitude .

The last locally-caused power failure of greater magnitude was the Loma Prieta earthquake in October, 1989.

This was a loss of the greatest magnitude .

Most will be of greater magnitude than camping.

In the latter case there is obviously scope for a harmonizing measure of greater magnitude .


Nevertheless, the sheer magnitude of public investment should still demand that appropriate appraisal techniques are adopted.

The sheer magnitude of the grant guaranteed its impact on processes and institutions.

What distinguished the 1996 plan from the Arkansas effort was its sheer magnitude .


These rises were similar in magnitude to the effects of intracolonic deoxycholate in this study.

Media influences on relative preferences for Conservative and Labour were always significant, usually similar in magnitude but opposite in sign.

One can not help reflecting what would happen nowadays in a problem of similar magnitude .



One of the city's best known landmarks, the Space Needle, was built to handle a 9.1 magnitude earthquake .

A 5.4-magnitude earthquake hits southern Oregon, killing a motorist whose pickup was hit by falling rock.


A 5.8-magnitude quake rocks the Livermore area east of San Francisco, damaging a nuclear weapons laboratory.

In California's San Fernando Valley, a 6.5-magnitude quake leaves 65 people dead.-March 27, 1964.

A 6.3-magnitude quake in Long Beach, Calif., kills 115 people.

The 5.4-magnitude quake hit at 12: 42 p.m. and was centered about 60 miles south of the capital.


Decisions of this magnitude should not be taken by one person alone.

I cannot emphasize too strongly the magnitude of this problem.

The oil spillage in the Gulf was of such magnitude that its effects will last for decades.

We've never dealt with a problem of this magnitude before.


But this is not meant to belittle the magnitude of the adaptive radiations that took place in the Vendian and Cambrian periods.

Fortunately there is a good comparison star of magnitude 6.6, also in the bowl.

It has a B-type spectrum, and is usually just below the fourth magnitude .

The budget deficit is no surprise, but the magnitude is.

The earthquake registered a magnitude of 6.8, according to early estimates.

This increases the magnitude of the vorticity, but because of continuity also reduces the cross-section of the vortex tube.

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