Meaning of PROFESSIONAL in English


n. 25B6; adjective

people in professional occupations : WHITE-COLLAR, non-manual.

a professional cricketer : PAID, salaried.

a thoroughly professional performance : EXPERT, accomplished, skilful, masterly, masterful, fine, polished, skilled, proficient, competent, able, experienced, practised, trained, seasoned, businesslike, deft; informal ace, crack, top-notch.

not a professional way to behave : APPROPRIATE, fitting, proper, honourable, ethical, correct, comme il faut.

manual, amateur, amateurish, inappropriate, unethical.

25B6; noun

affluent young professionals : WHITE-COLLAR WORKER, office worker.

his first season as a professional : PROFESSIONAL PLAYER, paid player, salaried player; informal pro.

she was a real professional on stage : EXPERT, virtuoso, old hand, master, maestro, past master; informal pro, ace, wizard, whizz, hotshot; Brit. informal dab hand; N. Amer. informal maven, crackerjack.

manual worker, amateur.

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