Meaning of PROFESSIONAL in English


adj. 1 trained, educated, practised, veteran, experienced, seasoned, able, skilled, skilful, gifted, talented, qualified, knowledgeable, licensed, official, expert, masterful, masterly, master, efficient, adept, proficient, competent, polished, finished He is a professional ambulance driver who has to work as a plumber to make ends meet 2 excellent, proficient, efficient, skilful, masterly, thorough, prompt, conscientious, authoritative, businesslike She did a very professional job of repairing my car

n. 3 master, expert, maestro, virtuoso, past master or mistress, specialist, authority, Colloq wizard, pro, whiz or whizz, US maven or mavin, Brit dab hand You can always tell when the work has been done by a professional

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