Meaning of REVERSAL in English

n. 25B6; noun

there was no reversal on this issue : TURNAROUND, turnabout, about-face, volte-face, change of heart, U-turn, backtracking; Brit. about-turn; rare tergiversation.

a reversal of roles : SWAP, exchange, change, swapping, interchange.

the reversal of the decision : ALTERATION, changing; countermanding, undoing, overturning, overthrow, disallowing, overriding, overruling, veto, vetoing, revocation, repeal, rescinding, annulment, nullification, voiding, invalidation; formal rescission, abrogation.

they suffered a reversal : SETBACK, reverse, upset, failure, misfortune, mishap, disaster, blow, disappointment, adversity, hardship, affliction, vicissitude, defeat; bad luck.

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