Meaning of REVERSAL in English


-səl noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from reversen to reverse + -al

1. : an act or the process of reversing: as

a. : a change or overthrowing of some legal proceeding or judgment

the reversal of an attainder

b. : the causing to move or face in an opposite direction or to appear in an inverted position

the reversal of a rotation

the reversal of objects by a lens

c. : a method of testing or determining the collimation (as of a transit) by inverting the telescope in its supports

d. : inversion 2c

e. : an act or instance of going from the defensive position to the position of advantage in amateur wrestling — compare takedown


a. : a conversion in whole or part of a photographic positive into a negative or vice versa

b. : solarization

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