Meaning of SCIENCE in English

n. 25B6; noun

a science teacher. : See list.

the science of criminology : BRANCH OF KNOWLEDGE, body of knowledge/information, area of study, discipline, field.

Branches of Science

See also engineering , geography , mathematical , medicine , psychology . marine biology

acoustics mathematics

aerodynamics mechanics

agriscience medical physics

anatomy medicine

anthropology metallurgy

astronomy meteorology

astrophysics microbiology

atomic physics mineralogy

bacteriology molecular biology

behavioural science mycology

biochemistry natural history

biology nephology

botany neurology

chemistry neuroscience

climatology nuclear chemistry

computer science nuclear physics

conchology oceanography

cosmology oncology

cryogenics ophthalmology

crystallography optics

cybernetics ornithology

cytology palaeobotany

dendrology palaeoclimatology

dynamics palaeontology

earth science palynology

ecology parasitology

economics particle physics

electrical engineering pathology

electrodynamics pedology

electronics petrology

endocrinology pharmacology

engineering photochemistry

entomology physics

epidemiology physiography

ethnology physiology

ethology phytology

evolutionary psychology phytopathology

exobiology psychiatry

fluid mechanics psychology

forensics quantum mechanics

genetic engineering radiochemistry

genetics radiology

geochemistry robotics

geochronology seismology

geography sociobiology

geology sociology

geomorphology soil science

geophysics spectroscopy

glaciology statistics

haematology stratigraphy

herpetology taxonomy

histology tectonics

holography thermodynamics

hydrodynamics toxicology

hydrology veterinary medicine

hydrostatics virology

ichthyology vulcanology

immunology zoogeography

information technology zoology

limnology zymurgy


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