Meaning of SCIENCE in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈsī-ən(t)s ]


Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin scientia, from scient-, sciens having knowledge, from present participle of scire to know; perhaps akin to Sanskrit chyati he cuts off, Latin scindere to split — more at shed

Date: 14th century

1. : the state of knowing : knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding


a. : a department of systematized knowledge as an object of study

the science of theology

b. : something (as a sport or technique) that may be studied or learned like systematized knowledge

have it down to a science


a. : knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws especially as obtained and tested through scientific method

b. : such knowledge or such a system of knowledge concerned with the physical world and its phenomena : natural science

4. : a system or method reconciling practical ends with scientific laws

cooking is both a science and an art

5. capitalized : Christian Science

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