Meaning of SYMBOL in English


n. 25B6; noun

the lotus is the symbol of purity : EMBLEM, token, sign, representation, figure, image; metaphor, allegory.

the chemical symbol for helium : SIGN, character, mark, letter, ideogram. See lists.

the Red Cross symbol : LOGO, emblem, badge, stamp, trademark, crest, insignia, coat of arms, seal, device, monogram, hallmark, flag, motif.


See also chemical , zodiac .

$ dollar

£ pound

# number

© copyright

& and

@ at

2234; therefore

2235; because

¶ paragraph

® registered trademark

treble clef

bass clef

266F; sharp


266E; natural


Mathematical Symbols

less than

> greater than

= equal to

2264; less than or equal to

2265; greater than or equal to

2260; not equal to

&aq. approximately equal to

+ plus

002D; minus

÷ divide

× multiply

221E; infinity

± plus or minus

2261; identical to

221D; proportional to

2202; partial differential

222B; integral

° degree



02CC; per cent

03C0; pi

2211; sum

221A; square root

! factorial

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