Meaning of WILD in English


n. 25B6; adjective

wild animals : UNTAMED, undomesticated, feral; fierce, ferocious, savage.

wild flowers : UNCULTIVATED, native, indigenous.

wild tribes : PRIMITIVE, uncivilized, uncultured; savage, barbarous, barbaric.

wild hill country : UNINHABITED, unpopulated, uncultivated; rugged, rough, inhospitable, desolate, barren.

a wild night : STORMY, squally, tempestuous, turbulent, boisterous.

her wild black hair : DISHEVELLED, tousled, tangled, windswept, untidy, unkempt; N. Amer. mussed up.

wild behaviour : UNCONTROLLED, unrestrained, out of control, undisciplined, unruly, rowdy, disorderly, riotous.

wild with excitement : VERY EXCITED, delirious, in a frenzy; tumultuous, passionate, vehement, unrestrained.

(informal) I was wild with jealousy : DISTRAUGHT, frantic, beside oneself, in a frenzy, hysterical, deranged, berserk; informal mad, crazy.

(informal) Hank went wild when he found out. : See furious sense 1.

(informal) his family weren't wild about me : VERY KEEN, very enthusiastic, enamoured, infatuated, smitten; informal crazy, mad, nutty/nuts.

Bill's wild schemes : MADCAP, ridiculous, ludicrous, foolish, stupid, foolhardy, idiotic, absurd, silly, ill-considered, senseless, nonsensical; impractical, impracticable, unworkable; informal crazy, crackpot, cock-eyed.

a wild guess : RANDOM, arbitrary, haphazard, uninformed.

tame, cultivated, calm, disciplined.

25A0; run wild

the garden had run wild : GROW UNCHECKED, grow profusely, run riot.

the children are running wild : RUN AMOK, run riot, get out of control, be undisciplined.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.