Meaning of ABSOLUTE in English

[ 'absəlu:t ]

■ adjective

1》 not qualified or diminished; total.

↘not subject to any limitation of power: an ~ ruler.

2》 not relative or comparative: ~ moral standards.

3》 Grammar (of a construction) syntactically independent of the rest of the sentence, as in dinner being over, we left the table .

↘(of a transitive verb) used without an expressed object (e.g. guns kill ).

↘(of an adjective) used without an expressed noun (e.g. the brave ).

4》 Law (of a decree) final. See also decree ~ .

■ noun Philosophy a value or principle regarded as universally valid or able to be viewed without relation to other things.


~ness noun

absolutization or absolutisation noun

absolutize or absolutise verb


ME: from L. absolutus 'freed, unrestricted', from absolvere (see absolve ).

Concise Oxford English vocab.      Сжатый оксфордский словарь английского языка.