Meaning of CAPE in English

~ 1

■ noun

1》 a sleeveless cloak, especially a short one.

↘a part of a longer coat or cloak that falls loosely over the shoulders from the neckband.

2》 N. Amer. the pelt from the head and neck of an animal.

■ verb N. Amer. skin the head and neck of (an animal) to prepare a hunting trophy.


~d adjective


C16: from Fr., from Provençal capa , from late L. cappa 'covering for the head'.


~ 2

■ noun a headland or promontory.

↘( the Cape ) the Cape of Good Hope.

↘( the Cape ) the former Cape Province of South Africa.


ME: from OFr. cap , from Provençal, based on L. caput 'head'.

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