Meaning of CAPE in English

1. n.1 a sleeveless cloak.

2 a short sleeveless cloak as a fixed or detachable part of a longer cloak or coat.

Etymology: F f. Prov. capa f. LL cappa CAP 2. n.1 a headland or promontory.

2 (the Cape) a the Cape of Good Hope. b the S. African province containing it.

Phrases and idioms:

Cape Coloured adj. S.Afr. of the Coloured (see COLOURED 2) population of Cape Province.

--n. a member of this population. Cape doctor S.Afr. colloq. a strong SE wind. Cape Dutch archaic Afrikaans. Cape gooseberry

1. an edible soft roundish yellow berry enclosed in a lantern-like husk.

2 the plant, Physalis peruviana, bearing these.

Etymology: ME f. OF cap f. Prov. cap ult. f. L caput head

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