Meaning of CODE in English

■ noun

1》 a system of words, figures, or symbols used to represent others, especially for the purposes of secrecy.

↘a series of letters or numbers assigned to something to classify or identify it.

↘short for dialling ~ .

2》 Computing program instructions.

3》 a systematic collection of laws or statutes: the penal ~.

↘a set of conventions or principles governing behaviour or activity in a particular sphere.

■ verb

1》 convert into a ~.

↘assign a ~ to for purposes of classification or identification.

2》 ( ~ for ) Genetics be the genetic ~ for (an amino acid or protein).

↘be the genetic determiner of (a characteristic).

3》 enter ~ into a computer; program.


~r noun

coding noun & adjective


ME (orig. denoting a systematic collection of statutes made by one of the later Roman emperors): via OFr. from L. ~x , codic- (see ~x ).

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