Meaning of CODE in English

n. 1 law(s), regulation(s), rule(s), jurisprudence, jus canonicum 'canon law', jus civile 'civil law', jus divinum 'divine law', jus gentium 'universal law', jus naturale 'natural law', corpus juris, pandect, lex non scripta 'common law, unwritten law', lex scripta 'statute law' In the present code there is no statute that forbids keeping a pet gnu 2 cipher or cypher, cryptogram Our agents send all their messages in code 3 system, practice(s), convention(s), standard(s), criterion (criteria), principle(s), rule(s), maxim(s), custom(s), pattern(s), structure, tradition(s), organization, protocol, orthodoxy Our code of behaviour is completely foreign to the islanders

v. 4 encode, encipher or encypher, encrypt It took an hour to code the information

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