Meaning of COMPACT in English


~ 1

■ adjective kəm'pakt

1》 closely set or packed together; dense.

↘having all the necessary components or features neatly fitted into a small space.

2》 ( ~ of ) archaic composed or made up of.

■ verb kəm'pakt exert force on to make more dense; compress.

↘ archaic form by pressing the component parts together.

■ noun 'kɒmpakt a small flat case containing face powder, a mirror, and a powder puff.


~ion noun

~ly adverb

~ness noun

~or noun


ME: from L. ~- , compingere , from com- 'together' + pangere 'fasten'.


~ 2 [ 'kɒmpakt ]

■ noun a formal agreement or contract between two or more parties.

■ verb make or enter into (a formal agreement).


C16: from L. ~- , compacisci , from com- 'with' + pacisci 'make a covenant'; cf. pact .

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