Meaning of SENIOR in English

[ 'si:nɪə , 'si:njə ]

■ adjective

1》 for or denoting older people.

↘ Brit. for or denoting schoolchildren above a certain age, typically eleven.

↘ US of the final year at a university or high school.

2》 [ postposition ] denoting the elder of two with the same name in a family.

3》 high or higher in rank or status.

■ noun

1》 a person who is a specified number of years older than someone else: she was two years his ~.

2》 a student in one of the higher forms of a ~ school.

3》 (in sport) a competitor of above a certain age or of the highest status.

4》 an elderly person, especially an old-age pensioner.


~ity noun


ME: from L., lit. 'older, older man', compar. of senex , sen- 'old man, old'.

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