Meaning of SENIOR in English

[se.nior] n [ME, fr. L, fr. senior, adj.] (14c) 1: a person older than another "five years my ~"

2. a: a person with higher standing or rank b: a senior fellow of a college at an English university c: a student in the year preceding graduation from a school of secondary or higher level 3 cap: a member of a program of the Girl Scouts for girls in the ninth through twelfth grades in school

4: senior citizen

[2]senior adj [ME, fr. L, older, elder, compar. of sen-, senex old; akin to Goth sineigs old, Gk henos] (14c) 1: of prior birth, establishment, or enrollment--often used to distinguish a father with the same given name as his son

2: higher ranking: superior "~ officers"

3: of or relating to seniors "the ~ class"

4: having a claim on corporate assets and income prior to other securities

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