Meaning of SOCK in English

■ noun

1》 a knitted garment for the foot and lower part of the leg.

2》 an insole.

3》 a white marking on the lower part of a horse's leg.

4》 informal a hard blow.

↘ N. Amer. force or emphasis.

■ verb informal

1》 hit forcefully.

2》 ( ~ something away ) N. Amer. save up money.

3》 (usu. be ~ed in ) N. Amer. envelop or make impassable by inhospitable weather conditions: the beach was ~ed in with fog.


knock (or blow ) someone's ~s off informal amaze or impress someone.

knock the ~s off informal surpass or beat.

pull one's ~s up informal make an effort to improve.

put a ~ in it Brit. informal stop talking.

~ it to someone informal attack or make a forceful impression on someone.


OE socc 'light shoe', of Gmc origin, from L. soccus 'comic actor's shoe, light low-heeled slipper', from Gk sukkhos .

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