Meaning of VIDEODISC in English

This is a generic term applied to several formats that are used to convey video and audio information on a disc shaped format. The most common formats for which this name is applied are CED, Laserdisc, VHD, and possibly DVD. CED stands for Capacitance Electronic Disc. It was principally supported by RCA. The laserdisc format origins are a combination of work done by 3M Mincom and David Paul Gregg at Gauss Electrophysics. Philips, Pioneer and Sony were also part of the early development of the format. The VHD or Video High Density format is a grooveless capacitance disc. It was supported by the Victor Company of Japan. One other format made a brief appearance in Europe. The TelDec capacitive grooved disc was a joint venture of Telefunken of Germany and Decca of Great Britain. DVD does fall into the general category of videodisc but is usually not called that in an effort to avoid confusion with the laserdisc.

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