Meaning of MATHEMATICS in English


infinity inner product algebra logic prime number theorem Rayleigh distribution set theory Mandelbrot set fractal logarithmus dualis characteristic function sine wave incomparable ply real discrete preorder antisymmetric Pythagoras' Theorem infinite infinite set Fourier transform hypotenuse cardinality lower set canonical powerset discrete Fourier transform Mathematica function algebraic structure syntax tree injection map Cantor fractal dimension additive real number cepstrum domain integer FORM formal methods Cauchy sequence Algebraic Manipulation Package Guide to Available Mathematical Software Cartesian coordinates Cartesian product radix Poisson distribution SHEEP trillion precision transfinite induction Calc graph aleph 0 statistics polynomial Lorenz attractor four colour map theorem projective plane Gottlob Frege dual Euclidean norm De Bruijn graph scalar octal connected graph connected subgraph Active Language I expression tree constructive JAffer's Canonical ALgebra base lambda expression lambda-calculus Banach-Tarski paradox Banach space Banach inverse mapping theorem ordinal constraint isomorphic irrational number binary bijection discrete cosine transform optimal computability theory computational geometry exponential isometry SAC2 isomorphism isomorphism class Schoonschip assignment problem suitably small one-way function decidability leaf AUTOmated GRouPing system Banach algebra GAP automaton enumeration Automatic Mathematical TRANslation AMP curried function Russell's Attic MuMath Axiom of Choice homogeneous knapsack problem FSM surjection natural number root node nastistical AUTOMATH norm convex hull trap-door function cooccurrence matrix daughter SAC-1 embedding coordinate AXIOM* normed space complex number Non-Uniform Rational B Spline countable counted Russell's Paradox Axiom of Comprehension equivalence relation equivalence class Not-a-Number total ordering total function fixed point combinator fixed point fix regular graph permutation relation Boolean googolplex Symbolic Mathematical Laboratory linear space tree linear map ordinate totally ordered set totally ordered Finite State Machine clique Internal Translator antichain symmetric iff branch hexadecimal accuracy recursion regression Diophantine equation closed set metric space REDUCE Boolean logic Boolean algebra IEEE Floating Point Standard symbolic mathematics CLAM chromatic number modulo Fibonacci sequence Fermat prime modular arithmetic intuitionistic logic PEARL inverse greatest common divisor Symbolic Automatic INTegrator combination modulo operator SymbMath Delaunay triangulation ORTHOCARTAN abscissa affine transformation relatively prime parent eigenvector tensor product General Recursion Theorem googol Pari topology eigenvalue interpolation Peano arithmetic Voronoi diagram von Neumann ordinal well-ordered set Zermelo Frnkel set theory vector vector space von Neumann integer ZFC Voronoi polygon wavelet Zermelo set theory

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