Meaning of LEADING in English


adj. & n. --adj. chief; most important. --n. guidance, leadership. øleading aircraftman the rank above aircraftman in the RAF. leading article a newspaper article giving the editorial opinion. leading counsel the senior barrister of two or more in a case. leading edge 1 the foremost edge of an aerofoil, esp. a wing or propeller blade. 2 Electronics the part of a pulse in which the amplitude increases (opp. trailing edge). leading lady the actress playing the principal part. leading light a prominent and influential person. leading man the actor playing the principal part. leading note Mus. = SUBTONIC. leading question a question that prompts the answer wanted. leading seaman the rank next below NCO in the Royal Navy. leading-strings (or -reins) 1 strings for guiding children learning to walk. 2 oppressive supervision or control. leading tone US Mus. = leading note.

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