Meaning of LEADING in English


I. ˈlēdiŋ, -dēŋ noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English leding, from gerund of leden to lead, conduct


a. : the act or an instance of conducting from one place to another

proposed a leading of the excess water to arid lands


(1) : the act or an instance of commanding or directing : command , leadership

entrusted the leading of the army to the earl

(2) archaic : the ability to lead or command : authority

men of great leading and property in the state

2. : capacity to enlighten : guidance , enlightenment — usually used in the phrase men of light and leading

commissioned six men of light and leading to settle the … question — Ernest Weekley

II. ˈlē- adjective

Etymology: from present participle of lead (I)


a. : preceding others in order of march or other movement : coming first

the leading boat was destroyed before it had a chance to fire

b. : ranking first or among the first in regard to influence, importance, or popularity

a leading topic of conversation

the leading ski center in this area

among the leading infectious diseases

a leading item in all the stores

played a leading part in the settlement of the colony

c. : exercising leadership in some area : accorded or meriting prominence as a leader

a leading citizen of the town

a leading exponent of the dance

married into one of the leading pastoral families — E.H.Collis

a leading literary critic

d. : guiding , directing

a leading thread in American foreign policy

what are his leading motives

e. : given prominent or most prominent display

the leading story in this morning's paper

a leading editorial

2. : being in advance during normal rotation or motion — used especially of an edge or side of a mechanical part

3. : ranking immediately below a petty or noncommissioned officer in the British armed forces

leading seaman

leading signalman

leading aircraftsman

Synonyms: see chief

III. ˈlediŋ, -dēŋ noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English leeding action of covering or lining with lead, from gerund of leden, leeden to lead, cover or line with lead

: a covering or framework of lead : leadwork

the leading of a Tudor window

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