Meaning of PERSON in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈpə:sn ]

n. 1 an individual human being (a cheerful and forthright person). 2 the living body of a human being (hidden about your person). 3 Gram. any of three classes of personal pronouns, verb-forms, etc.: the person speaking (first person); the person spoken to (second person); the person spoken of (third person). 4 (in comb.) used to replace -man in offices open to either sex (salesperson). 5 (in Christianity) God as Father, Son, or Holy Ghost (three persons in one God). 6 euphem. the genitals (expose one's person). 7 a character in a play or story. øin one's own person oneself; as oneself. in person physically present. person-to-person 1 between individuals. 2 (of a phone call) booked through the operator to a specified person. [ME f. OF persone f. L persona actor's mask, character in a play, human being]

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