Meaning of UNDER in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈʌndə ]

prep., adv., & adj. --prep. 1 a in or to a position lower than; below; beneath (fell under the table; under the left eye). b within, on the inside of (a surface etc.) (wore a vest under his shirt). 2 a inferior to; less than (a captain is under a major; is under 18). b at or for a lower cost than (was under ø20). 3 a subject or liable to; controlled or bound by (lives under oppression; under pain of death; born under Saturn; the country prospered under him). b undergoing (is under repair). c classified or subsumed in (that book goes under biology; goes under many names). 4 at the foot of or sheltered by (hid under the wall; under the cliff). 5 planted with (a crop). 6 powered by (sail, steam, etc.). 7 following (another player in a card game). 8 archaic attested by (esp. under one's hand and seal = signature). --adv. 1 in or to a lower position or condition (kept him under). 2 colloq. in or into a state of unconsciousness (put him under for the operation). --adj. lower (the under jaw). øunder age see AGE. under one's arm see ARM(1). under arms see ARM(2). under one's belt see BELT. under one's breath see BREATH. under canvas see CANVAS. under a cloud see CLOUD. under control see CONTROL. under the counter see COUNTER(1). under cover see COVER n. 4. under fire see FIRE. under foot see FOOT. under hatches see HATCH(1). under a person's nose see NOSE. under the rose see ROSE(1). under separate cover in another envelope. under the sun anywhere in the world. under water in and covered by water. under way in motion; in progress. under the weather see WEATHER. øøundermost adj. [OE f. Gmc]

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