Meaning of UNDER in English




be under (a) strain

Claudia could see that he was under considerable strain.

be under an obligation (= have an obligation )

The landlord is under an obligation to repair the house.

be under attack

He arrived when the base was under attack from mortar and small arms fire.

be under construction (= be being built )

A new road is currently under construction.

be under negotiation (= be being discussed )

The contract is currently under negotiation.

be under no obligation

An accused man is under no obligation to say anything.

be under observation (= be in the process of being watched )

The police said that the house had been under observation.

be under (police/armed etc) guard (= to be guarded by a group of people )

He was taken to hospital, where he is now under police guard.

be under pressure

Apple growers are under pressure from the public to use fewer chemicals.

be under repair (= be being repaired )

We were staying at a hotel while our house was under repair.

be under stress

She's been under a lot of stress lately.

be/come under suspicion (= be thought to have probably done something wrong )

He was still under suspicion of fraud.

bring a blaze under control

For more than four hours they battled to bring the blaze under control.

bring a fire under control

Firefighters took more than an hour to bring the fire under control.

bring...under control

Shea used diet and exercise to bring her weight under control .

buckle under the pressure/strain/weight

A weaker person would have buckled under the weight of criticism.

came under...control

The whole of this area came under Soviet control after World War II.

come under attack

Camps in the south came under attack from pro-government forces.

come under criticism/come in for criticism (= be criticized )

The deal came under fierce criticism from other American airlines.

come under pressure

The new Prime Minister has already come under pressure from the opposition to call an election.

come under scrutiny (= be examined )

The cost and efficiency of the health care system has come under increasing scrutiny.

come under the heading of

writers who might come under the heading of postmodern fiction writers

come/fall under the influence of sb/sth (= be influenced by someone or something )

They had come under the influence of a religious sect.

crack/collapse/buckle etc under the strain (= become unable to continue normally because of the strain )

They are worried that the court system might collapse under the strain.

directly in front of/behind/under etc sth

It was a small house, directly behind the church.

falls under the control

Meat production falls under the control of the Agriculture Department.

had...under control

Firefighters had the blaze under control by 9:44 p.m.

in/under certain circumstances (= if particular conditions exist )

In certain circumstances you may be refused a visa.

in/under normal circumstances

Under normal circumstances, you would have to pay to go into the exhibition.

is under new management

The factory is under new management .

keep sb under observation (= closely watch someone or something over a period of time )

The doctor ordered that the patient be kept under observation.

keep sth under review (= continue to review it )

He recommended that the matter should be kept under review.

keep...under control

The Federal Reserve Bank raised interest rates to keep inflation under control .

kept under control

Dogs are allowed on the trails if they are kept under control .

kept under surveillance

The suspects were kept under surveillance .

muttered under...breath

‘He’s such an unpleasant man,’ Alyssia muttered under her breath .

placed under curfew

The whole town was placed under curfew .

place/put sb under arrest (= arrest someone )

prosecute sb under a law/Act etc

The company is to be prosecuted under the Health and Safety Act.

put sb under pressure (= put a lot of pressure on them )

They were put under pressure to sign confessions.

sleep under the stars (= in a place with no roof )

In the desert, they slept out under the stars.


The firm now trades under the name Lanski and Weber.

under arrest (= the police are guarding him )

A man is under arrest following the suspicious death of his wife.

under control

‘Do you need any help?’ ‘No. It’s under control , thanks.’

under cover of darkness (= when darkness makes you less likely to be seen )

The attack was planned to take place under cover of darkness.

under cross-examination

He broke down under cross-examination .

under examination

The handling of the matter is under examination by congressional investigators.

under starter’s orders (= about to begin the race )


a spy operating under the alias Barsad


The patient was still under heavy sedation .

was under no illusion that

She was under no illusion that he loved her.


(come/work etc) under the umbrella of sth

A whole range of behaviour is subsumed under the umbrella of bureaucratic self-interest.

Finally, war served to bring all members of a society, soldier and civilian, under the umbrella of national consciousness.

Governments also use the more industrially orientated labs under the umbrella of the Fraunhofer society.

(dark) circles under your eyes

(right) under sb's nose

Pat's car was stolen, almost from under his nose .

be (all) water under the bridge

However, this is water under the bridge.

To some extent, that is water under the bridge.

be below/under par

For a second year, economic growth has been substantially below par .

I haven't been up to par since the operation.

He later warned the council's executive committee chairman Erica Wheeler that Mrs Ware's work was below par .

be born under a lucky/unlucky star

be in/under sb's charge

Soldiers under Bensen's charge say he was a harsh but fair commander.

Hell, those goons were in complete charge , with their car caravans, squealing their tires around, intimidating people.

It had no idea if the private hospitals were in turn charging their patients.

Local organisers are responsible both for the academic and technical staffing of a vehicle whilst it is in their charge .

Pain and anger were very much part of the proceedings, as they always are in McGovern's charged dramas.

Perhaps Elena thought that if she was in sole charge she could make a proper tyrant out of him.

The Producer would still be in overall charge , but his or her role was now far more strategic than tactical.

There will again be Joint and Several liability as there was in Community Charge .

When al Molqi took off, he was under the charge of Roman Catholic charity workers.

be snowed under

Don't expect any help from them -- they're snowed under at the moment.

Since the hurricane, builders and roofers have been snowed under with work.

He had applied for a grant but at the time Liverpool City Council was snowed under by applications.

be under house arrest

He, he was under house arrest.

The editor of the party newspaper is under house arrest for printing a report about tanks being moved out of Tirana.

We are not in darkest prison like our brothers and sisters in the flesh, but we are under house arrest.

be under sb's thumb

Meg's really got Darren under her thumb .

He was showing her that she was under his thumb .

Judges are under the thumb of the bureaucracy.

be under siege

The President was under siege from war protesters on the sidewalk.

Everton's goal was under siege .

Guei, who promised quick elections for a civilian government, is under siege from within the army.

Penn, Cage and Leigh give these career performances at a time when movie acting is under siege by special effects.

Read in studio Britain's churches are under siege , according to the company which insures them.

The Army and the police remained under intense pressure in the Jaffna peninsula where many camps and stations were under siege .

Your organization is under siege because you and your colleagues have been lax.

be under the impression (that)

I was under the impression that you couldn't get a parking ticket on private property.

The average American is under the mistaken impression that wildlife refuges have been set up to protect animals.

Because alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, many people are under the impression that it improves sleep.

Both Halle and Sethe were under the impression that they were hidden.

I was under the impression that people who rented council houses would have to pay the new council tax in addition to their rents.

I was under the impression that we shared certain things equally.

My own service was under the impression that it had the huntin' and shootin' rights in this country.

She must be under the impression it was him.

She seemed to be under the impression more guests were coming, but nobody else ever came.

They were under the impression that all strike offenses had to be violent or serious.

be under way

And efforts are under way to develop new types of technology that may be better suited to remote communities.

However, once the project is under way , no personnel changes will be allowed. 27.

More serious basketball is under way next door.

Repeat trials in conjunction with Silsoe Research Institute are under way to confirm that potential.

Secret negotiations are under way with jailed mobsters to bring him down.

Shooting exercises were under way nearby; their presence was verboten.

The administration had now returned to its official residence, and the business of government was under way .

The army also confirmed that a fresh effort to take Lunsar was under way .

be/come under fire

Campbell came under fire for his handling of the negotiations.

Grain-based cereal prices already have come under fire from Capitol Hill, with a report in mid-March by Reps.

He added that to be accurate, the aircraft would have to risk coming under fire .

He, in turn, came under fire from conservative Republicans in his home state.

Its stance has come under fire from the president of the private sector's wood alliance, Corma.

Peacekeeping forces came under fire in isolated incidents.

Sir Derek came under fire from several shareholders.

The service came under fire as scores of roads across the province were clogged with snow, snarling traffic and causing chaos.

When crop-dusters come under fire , it is up to DynCorp helicopter pilots to provide support.

be/get under your feet

The kids have been under my feet all day long.

That way you will not be under her feet .

chuck sb under the chin

come under attack/fire/scrutiny etc

At a deeper level, however, the concept of the mentally abnormal female offender has come under scrutiny.

He added that to be accurate, the aircraft would have to risk coming under fire.

He said the company came under scrutiny along with other insurers after allegations were first made against Metropolitan Life in 1993.

In addition to facing the ire of frustrated riders, Muni has also come under fire recently from federal safety officials.

Patrick is generally regarded as having been an aggressive enforcer of civil-rights laws and often came under fire from conservatives.

Police came under attack from bottles, bricks and plastic crates.

Sir Derek came under fire from several shareholders.

Their vehicle came under fire but was not hit.

come/go under the hammer

A collection of prints and paintings by Picasso came under the hammer at Sotheby's yesterday.

Three Renoir paintings will come under the hammer at Sotheby's in New York.

As for football, it also came under the hammer for the usual reasons.

Hundreds of items go under the hammer to save a medieval manor.

In 1972 it failed to reach reserve price when it came under the hammer at auction.

It was part of the contents of a unique toy museum in Buckinghamshire most of which came under the hammer today.

Read in studio A collection of battered old toys has come under the hammer at an auction today.

So that and nearly 500 other lots will go under the hammer at Sotherbys tomorrow.

The rest of his collection is going under the hammer .

They will go under the hammer at the London auctioneers Spink on 17 May.

cut the ground from under sb's feet

do sth under protest

They finally paid the full bill under protest .

down under

draw a line under sth

I can't allow him to draw a line under my relationship with Gloria.

She liked to draw lines under things.

The Office of Government Commerce was set up last April to draw a line under this relatively poor performance.

drink sb under the table

He was 24, highly intelligent, could drink Malc under the table and had a dry, lightning wit.

everything/anything etc under the sun

Andrew and I spent many hours on the Windrush porch discussing almost everything under the sun from party politics to mystic transcendentalism.

Some people think that the police can do everything under the sun like, but of course you can't.

There literally is everything under the sun , and you're free to do as much or as little as you want.

They discussed everything under the sun .

fly/slip under sb's/the radar

get hot under the collar

But they get hot under the collar about trips behind the old Iron Curtain.

Read in studio Two leading ice cream manufacturers are getting hot under the collar in a row over trade.

Third, people should get hot under the collar when presented with dreary architecture.

get under sb's skin

Kids will say some mean things to try and get under your skin .

But this class was dearly getting under his skin .

He had got under her skin , and after half an hour she went home alone, not content with second-best.

It will not be easy given the Sri Lankan propensity for getting under the skin of the opposition.

So, come on you literary types; stop fretting about Orwell and start getting under our skins .

Sure he could get under your skin but so would St Francis of Assisi on a job like this.

Why did she let him get under her skin like this?

Why should there be a surface to get beneath, a skin to get under?

Why was she allowing Doreen to get under her skin in this manner?

have sth under your belt

Once you've had a few lessons under your belt , you're ready to buy your own ski equipment.

It's difficult to get matches under your belt when you're like that.

hide your light under a bushel

in/under the lee of sth

A lone cat was padding almost invisibly along in the lee of a low wall.

Observed examples of these relationships occur sometimes in the lee of cliffs.

The horse landscape Today in a horse landscape horses steam in the lee of thorn hedges on soaking fields.

The strange, fixed weather vane that stands in the lee of the vicarage at Rennes-le-Chateau.

The unclothed, except when swimming, stayed in the background, secluded in the lee of a dune.

They were standing in the lee of a hedge in the corner of an oil-seed field.

Thirty years ago it had been just another village hiding in the lee of the Wolds.

keep sth under wraps

Ford's new range of cars is being kept firmly under wraps until the Geneva auto show.

It's been suggested the report was kept under wraps to avoid controversy.

But in the interests of security we are keeping the information under wraps .

But Micky's very careful to keep it under wraps .

But officials deny they've been keeping their proposals under wraps .

Now his biggest concern is keeping his excitement under wraps .

The Left would like a civilian, but if there is a candidate it is keeping him under wraps .

The plans are still being kept tightly under wraps , partly through the fear that Mowden might try to scupper them.

There is some multimedia hardware on-board that the company is trying to keep pretty much under wraps .

Which is why, if you've got a bad temper, you probably do your utmost to keep it under wraps .

keep sth under your hat

Rather than wear your heart on your sleeve, you keep it under your hat .

labour under a delusion/misconception/misapprehension etc

Well, dear Rex was either lying or labouring under a misapprehension.

light a fire under sb

They had come in the night and lit a fire under the stage.

not let the grass grow under your feet

on/under pain of death

In effect, each is swearing to keep it on pain of death.

pull the rug (out) from under sb/sb's feet

put sth under the microscope

We put everything under the microscope .

put the skids under sth

The paint that puts the skids under barnacles is being adopted by Porter International for protective coatings in the United States.

shadows under your eyes

Duhamel's face was white; the shadows under his eyes seemed to deepen.

Even with the blinds down, she could see the dark shadows under her eyes.

He noted the shadows under her eyes.

How fresh she looked every morning, despite the slight shadows under her eyes which denoted not much sleep.

Mr Stead was middle-aged and paunchy, with deep shadows under his eyes and square rimless glasses.

On Monday morning Sam came to class events with dark shadows under his eyes, looking ten years older over a weekend.

One day she came to history class with dark shadows under her eyes.

She still looked pale, with deep shadows under her eyes.

sweep/brush sth under the carpet

Refuse to sweep difficulties under the carpet but sort things out even when it is painful.

We knew that it wouldn't just go away if we swept it under the carpet.

take sb under your wing

Adrienne, eleven years older, had taken the 19-year-old singer under her wing .

He had sized me up, he said, and had decided to take me under his wing .

Tom took the young reporter under his wing .

Adrienne, eleven years older, had taken her under her wing .

Gyorgy Aczel, the liberal-minded ideology chief, spotted the talented regional boss and took him under his wings .

He had sized me up, he later explained, and had decided to take me under his wing .

He understood that the boy had had little formal education until Edouard took him under his wing .

Nor could you expect some sage old workman to take you under his wing and bestow upon you his store of knowledge.

Simon's uncle had taken him under his wing , so Simon and his wife, Mary, half lived there.

They monitor the student at the work site and take them under their wing .

under (the) cover of darkness/night

Kawaja fueled speculation by publicly suggesting that barrels of the by-product were shipped out under cover of night.

Later, under cover of darkness, they crept into the house, where Charles hid for the night in the attic.

Locals under the cover of darkness.

Several of us ducked out under cover of darkness, even as others arrived.

The actual emergence usually takes place under cover of darkness.

They would exit under cover of darkness at one of numerous drop-zones fifty kilometres from the vast sprawl of Sagramaso City.

They would pull out under cover of darkness.

under a cloud (of suspicion)

According to the researchers, the new cell actually works better under cloud cover than in full sunlight.

Decades of wallpaper peeling under clouds of dust.

For all these reasons wooden aeroplanes are under a cloud at the moment.

He passes away under a cloud , inscrutable at heart, forgotten, unforgiven, and excessively romantic.

Not only must they care for distressed and disturbed young people, but they must do so under a cloud .

Sometimes the pressure we were under clouded our judgment.

The sight of these two storming along under a cloud of canvas is enough to stir the blood of most landlubbers.

We argued about it, and when I left, I left under a cloud .

under canvas

under cover

an undercover cop

Cobb worked on the case under cover for the FBI.

under false pretences

He got a loan from the bank under false pretences.

Immigration officers attempt to catch people entering the country under false pretenses.

He brought me down here to work for him under false pretences.

He was only interested in himself and his business, and had married her under false pretences.

I felt as if I was there under false pretences.

I got into your office under false pretences, but there was no other way.

under glass

under lock and key

Oswald's FBI file has been kept under lock and key.

If they had kept me under lock and key from my fifteenth birthday until my twentieth, I might have escaped.

Since then, that length of self-healing cable has been kept under lock and key at the railway inspectorate building at Reading.

Smith's copies have spent the last six days under lock and key at its Dunstable depot.

The older children were no longer kept under lock and key.

Wherever they are kept, they should be out of reach of children and, where appropriate, under lock and key.

With Petersen under lock and key, life for the gumshoes of the Office of Security returned to normal.

Your master should really have kept the book under lock and key.

under no circumstances

And under no circumstances are you allowed to vote for me.

But under no circumstances comfort the baby, or hold the baby.

Etiquette demanded that under no circumstances would he change his mind.

Juvenile Court proceedings can be reported but under no circumstances may any child involved in the proceedings be identified.

Lydon was adamant that under no circumstances would he rejoin the group.

Tears must not be allowed to fill their eyes and under no circumstances run down their cheeks.

That is, under no circumstances must I mention to anyone that I have turned down an invitation to return to Blighty.

The trouble with the proposal was that under no circumstances would the United States give up its ultimate veto on the bombs.

under offer

under plain cover/under separate cover

under sail

under sb's roof

under sb's watchful eye

Although its voluntary recruits diminished, the order had managed to limp on for nearly two centuries under Ixmarity's watchful eye.

Amelia learned stunting under his watchful eye, to become competent in the air no matter what the conditions.

No such extravagance here, as under the watchful eye of Asquith, he launched into some of his best known songs.

She felt absolutely helpless and extremely vulnerable standing completely unclothed under his watchful eyes.

The second best is under the watchful eye or with the help of a relative.

Thwarted, he then embraced her stiffly before taking the baby in his arms under the watchful eye of his wife.

Today, the Reichardt duck farm is run under the watchful eye of Jim Reichardt, great grandson of the original founder.

Voice over Back at the Young Telegraph, their final copy is put together under the watchful eye of a full-time reporter.

under the (watchful/stern etc) eye of sb

He flashed his security pass under the eyes of the two armed guards posted beside the exit door.

The hoopla also continued well into the night outside the casinos under the eyes of Las Vegas police and security guards.

They act out roles and techniques under the watchful eye of their instructors.

Thwarted, he then embraced her stiffly before taking the baby in his arms under the watchful eye of his wife.

Today, the Reichardt duck farm is run under the watchful eye of Jim Reichardt, great grandson of the original founder.

Voice over Back at the Young Telegraph, their final copy is put together under the watchful eye of a full-time reporter.

under the aegis of sb/sth

The refugee camp operates under the aegis of the UN.

And under the aegis of the Duke, a powerful protector, Strayhorn was able to live an openly gay life.

More often than not, racial themes enter the conversation of the YCs under the aegis of fun.

under the auspices of sb/sth

A research project has been set up under the auspices of the University of Michigan.

Further talks took place in Rome on Dec. 20 under the auspices of the verification commission.

Giambologna's equestrian statue of Cosimo I has been cleaned under the auspices of the Pegasus consortium.

This was opened in 1986 under the auspices of the Drugs Council and a local housing trust.

under the banner of sth

Kassar is expected to produce one or two films a year at Paramount under the banner of a still-unnamed production company.

Knights who had ridden forth under the banner of this leader or that rode back on their own.

On the other side are those who march under the banner of Unity.

Our links with the press are strong and we provide copy ready material and photographs under the banner of Media Action.

Third World countries struggled for national independence and did so often under the banner of nationalist socialism.

This familiarity, this friendliness of science is fast disappearing under the banner of standardisation.

Within 12 months the Moderation movement had collapsed and in 1835 the abstainers re-grouped under the banner of Total Abstinence.

under the counter

And they sell under the counter , you know.

That box of spark plugs under the counter is a cache.

Then he reached under the counter for his slim green ledgers.

There's pots to wash and a broom under the counter .

This time you bring back a whole box of plugs to put under the counter .

Without waiting to lift the flap she slipped under the counter .

Yet we all know that it goes on - under the counter , as it were.

under the heel of sb/sth

The country is once more under the heel of a dictator.

under the influence (of alcohol/drink/drugs etc)

Cowan suggests that the strength of the excitatory interactions increases relative to that of the inhibitory interactions under the influence of the drug.

Teenagers under the influence of the locally produced khat narcotic plant were said to be responsible for much of the artillery fire.

The motor velocity increases under the influence of the positive torque and the equilibrium position is attained with maximum velocity.

The roads, under the influence of the rain, were becoming shocking.

The weather became cooler under the influences of cold breezes from the frozen north, observed my master.

Today I write this, happily, under the influence of a drug.

under the inspiration of sb

under the knife

Again and again he goes under the knife .

Ards went under the knife last night.

Bet you didn't know Northern Ireland star Michael Hughes was under the knife several weeks ago?

Every attack was accompanied by the certain knowledge that within a couple of hours I'd be under the knife .

under the plough

Half a million acres came newly under the plough between 1761 and 1792, one million more during the Napoleonic Wars.

under the same roof/under one roof

under the table

payments made under the table to local officials

They paid him under the table so he wouldn't have to pay taxes.

A perfect end to a perfect day: a chocolate-smeared face peers up from under the table .

Andrea suddenly ducked under the table to avoid Heather.

Anna sees something under the table by the tree.

At that I push the chair all the way under the table and we give each other these glowing smiles.

He looks under the table and sees a bare toe rubbing the toe of his sneaker.

He thought she looked maddeningly attractive, and emboldened by the fine claret, pressed his knee against hers under the table .

It can be hidden from the tax man, laundered to disguise its source and passed under the table in bribes.

They laughed so hard they slid under the table .

under the weather

I hear you've been a bit under the weather . Are you feeling better now?

Louise looked a little under the weather when I saw her.

Mike's feeling a little under the weather so he couldn't come tonight.

Although he was not as ill as he had made out to Elaine, he still felt a bit under the weather .

And young Curtis has been a bit under the weather , missed training this week, so he's out.

I began to feel under the weather on Thursday morning after leaving Haslemere.

It was too early in the trip for a serious attempt and all of us were decidedly under the weather .

Like our own, Botham's finances are a little under the weather .

Marie's pretty under the weather for the next couple of days.

You will have off days when you are tired or a bit under the weather .

under your breath

"Son of a bitch," Bill muttered under his breath .

And, as he played, he seemed to talk to himself under his breath .

Greatly relieved, he muttered under his breath and crossed himself several times.

He hissed those words under his breath , your friend, his fingers digging mindlessly into the clear plastic packets of prophylactics.

He swore under his breath and then quickly thrust the sack back into the water.

Major Roland Tuck swore peaceably under his breath .

Peter muttered something resentful under his breath , but did as she asked.

Quietly, under my breath , I began humming Handel.

Sitting back, humming under his breath , he scanned the waters for anything that might present itself.

under your own steam

Can you manage to get up to the house under your own steam while I bring up the food?

I never thought Sal and Thomas would make it here under their own steam !

He left unexplained why, if that was his view, he had not gone under his own steam somewhat earlier.

He would prefer an assistant who was prepared to be directed, not one who would dash away under their own steam .

It now stands in North Road museum having last moved under its own steam in 1925.

Otherwise, they'd be all over the place under their own steam .

We need to know whether Paul got to the Cathedral under his own steam and at what time.

under/given the circumstances

Besides, under the circumstances , the risk had to be taken.

Especially under the circumstances and all.

He made some measure of pass at me. Given the circumstances of a cheese dip, it was cheering.

He said that he felt that its terms were the best obtainable under the circumstances .

Perhaps under the circumstances it made sense to remain in the one place.

Their disciplined behavior under the circumstances impressed my father.

Well given the circumstances who can blame them.

under/on false pretences

under/on tow

Maintenance costs on tow motors were slashed.



"Where's the cat?" "She crawled under the couch."

A small dog scampered into the room and dived under the table.

Children under 16 will not be admitted without an adult.

He's been working under Amato for six months.

He has a small scar under his nose.

He was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

I've been under a lot of stress lately.

I could see something glittering under the water.

If there's no one at home, just shove the letter under the door.

In our library, novels are classified under Crime, Romance, and General.

It is one of the largest mountain ranges under the Pacific ocean.

Krentz writes historical romances under the name Amanda Quick.

Selling alcohol to anyone under age 21 is a crime.

Several of the employees under him complained of his bullying behavior.

Several of the stolen items were found buried under Mackie's house.

She has at least 40 people under her at Shell.

The Association of British Travel Agents is listed under "Trade Associations and Professional Bodies" in the Yellow Pages.

The information is filed under the child's last name.

The organization is tax exempt under section 501 of the tax code.

The pen fell under the desk.

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