Meaning of HYPERTEXT in English

Pages of computer text that are authored in software allowing for non linear navigation based upon button controls, hotwords, or other controls that make sequencing of pages virtually irrelevant. Hypertext authoring packages typically differ from word processing packages that are intended primarily for preparing text for hard copy printing. Hypertext software may have options to print particular pages, but the intent is for computer use rather than printing. The key to hypertext is random access that allows lightning-fast non linear navigation based upon reader choice or other reader actions such as responses to questions. (See also Hypermedia and Timeline presentation .) Popular software terminology for hypertext includes HyperCard "stacks," Authorware "network icons," and ToolBook "books." Career opportunities in authoring multimedia are discussed by Jerram (1994a) . Courses, trade shows, and literature on learning how to author multimedia works are summarized by Lindstrom (1994) . The IAT also broadcasts training courses via satellite KU and C bands and distributes tapes of those broadcasts for persons unable to view/record them live. An extensive listing of training programs is provided in Appendix 6. For an introduction to hypermedia, see Jensen (1993). See Chapter 3 for hypertext and/or hypermedia authoring software options. (Also see Asynchronous Learning Networks , Authoring and CMS )

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