Meaning of VIDEO in English

A term that was once used to refer almost exclusively to analog recordings of images on tape that can be replayed at 30 or more frames per second (fps) depicting "full motion video." Since the age of digitization, the term now refers to analog or digital recordings (e.g., digitized video in computer files and HDTV) that can be replayed at 30 fps or a reasonably close approximation of full motion video. The term differs somewhat from "animation" in that animations are successions of still frames not necessarily intended to be "full-motion" at speeds comparable to video full motion. The highest quality video connectors are termed S-video connectors, whereas the lowest quality connector is the RF connector. Because of the tremendous bandwidth required for network transmission of video between computers, it is not yet common to watch a movie on the Internet. The wave of the future is MPEG compression. However, until there are millions of computer users with enough computer hardware capacity to run MPEG digitized video, Microsoft Video for Windows and Apple QuickTime will probably remain more common in CD-ROM authoring of education materials. Video options for the PC with particular stress upon Intel's Indeo Video amd Smart Video Recorder are analyzed by Liebman (1994) . (See also Internet audio and video , Active video , Video server , HDTV , IDTV , PIP , POP , Videodisc-digital , Apple AV , Amiga , Ultimedia Video , Video for Windows , fps , MPEG , VHS , NTSC , PAL , and SECAM

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