Meaning of VIDEO in English

/ ˈvɪdiəʊ; NAmE -oʊ/ noun , verb

■ noun ( pl. -os )


(also video·tape ) [ U , C ] a type of magnetic tape used for recording television pictures and sound; a box containing this tape, also called a video cassette :

The movie will be released on video in June.

Do we have a blank video ?


[ C ] a copy of a film / movie, programme, etc. that is recorded on videotape :

a video of 'ET'

The school made a short promotional video .

a home video (= not a professional one)

a video shop / store


[ C ] ( BrE ) = video cassette recorder :

to programme the video to record the football match


[ U ] the process of recording and showing films / movies and programmes using a special camera and a television set :

A wedding is the perfect subject for video.

the use of video in schools

■ verb

(also formal video·tape ) [ vn ] ( especially BrE ) to record a television programme using a video cassette recorder ; to film sb/sth using a video camera :

Did you remember to video that programme?

Videoing students can be a useful teaching exercise.



1930s: from Latin videre to see, on the pattern of audio .

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