Meaning of BECOME in English


1. with adjectives

2. with nouns

3. to become a teacher, manager, student, etc


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1. with adjectives

▷ become /bɪˈkʌm/ [verb]

if you become rich, famous, worried etc, you start to be rich, famous, worried etc :

▪ Julian’s book was a big success and he quickly became rich and famous.

▪ The weather was becoming warmer.

▪ After a while my eyes became accustomed to the dark.

become aware/certain/convinced etc that

▪ Slowly she became aware that there was someone else in the room.

it becomes clear/evident/obvious etc that

▪ It soon became clear that the fire was out of control.

▷ get /get/ [verb]

to become :

▪ It normally gets dark at about 8.30 p.m.

▪ The man in the shop got annoyed and started shouting at me.

▪ The situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

▪ I think I’m getting too old for this kind of thing.

▪ You’ll need to take out insurance, in case anything gets damaged in the move.

HINT : Become and get : Become is more formal than get and is used mainly in written English. Get is the usual word to use in conversation. Don’t use get with these words: available , calm , clear , famous , happy , important , necessary , obvious , poor , powerful , proud , sad , silent , successful , useful . But you can use get with comparatives, such as: clearer , happier , more famous , more important . You can also use get with past participles, such as: annoyed , bored , damaged , lost , broken .

▷ grow /grəʊ/ [verb]

grow old/tired/worse/larger etc

to slowly and gradually become old, tired etc :

▪ As we grow old, we worry more about our health.

▪ I’d been waiting for forty minutes and I was beginning to grow uneasy.

▪ The sound of footsteps grew louder.

▪ Fiona was growing tired of being treated in this way.

▷ go /gəʊ/ [verb]

to become - only use go with these words :

go grey/white/red/dark etc

▪ Her face went bright red with embarrassment.

go mad/wild/crazy

▪ Your dad’ll go crazy when he finds out.

go quiet/silent

▪ As soon as the band started playing, the crowd went silent.

go bad/sour/cold

▪ My coffee’s gone cold.

▷ turn /tɜːʳn/ [verb]

to become - only use turn with these words :

turn red/white/blue etc

▪ It was late autumn and the leaves were slowly turning golden.

turn nasty/mean

▪ When I said that I was not prepared to help him, he suddenly turned nasty.

turn sour

▪ Their friendship was beginning to turn sour.

turn cold/warm

▪ Just when we were all getting our summer clothes out, it turned cold again.

2. with nouns

▷ become /bɪˈkʌm/ [verb]

▪ Since winning all that money he’s become a very unpleasant person.

▪ Mobile phones have now become fashion accessories for schoolkids and teenagers.

▷ change into/turn into /ˈtʃeɪndʒ ɪntuː, ˈtɜːʳn ɪntuː/ [transitive phrasal verb]

if someone or something changes or turns into someone or something else, they become completely different :

▪ The little brown caterpillar will eventually turn into a beautiful butterfly.

▪ She’s changed into a much gentler person since she had her own kids.

▪ During the brewing process all the sugar turns into alcohol.

change from something into something

▪ When I went back, the countryside had changed from farmland into housing estates and factory sites.

▷ grow into /ˈgrəʊ ɪntuː/ [transitive phrasal verb]

to gradually change over a long time and become a different type of person, place, or thing :

▪ Leo had grown into a slim blond young man since she last saw him.

▪ In recent years the town has grown into a city of about 500,000 people.

▪ The crowd’s cheers slowly grew into a loud crescendo of noise.

▷ develop into /dɪˈveləp ɪntuː/ [verb phrase]

to gradually change and become something or someone that is better or worse than before :

▪ Over the years the college developed into one of the finest language institutions in all of South East Asia.

▪ Joe had no athletic ability, and was developing into an overweight child.

▪ 3000 troops were sent to prevent the disturbances from developing into a full-scale civil war.

3. to become a teacher, manager, student, etc

▷ become /bɪˈkʌm/ [verb]

▪ Even when I was a kid, I wanted to become a psychologist.

▪ My friend Kyle stayed with the company and became a departmental manager.

▪ Bradley went on to become chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

▪ Every time you open the newspaper these days someone else has just become a millionaire.

▷ get to be /ˈget tə biː/ [verb phrase] informal

to succeed in getting an important job :

▪ She got to be a lawyer through sheer hard work and determination.

▪ I wanted to ask him how he got to be boss of such a big company.

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