Meaning of DEAD in English



1. no longer alive




body of a dead person : ↑ BODY

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1. no longer alive

▷ dead /ded/ [adjective]

someone or something that is dead has stopped living :

▪ She’s no longer breathing - I think she’s dead.

▪ The dead man’s wife was questioned by police.

▪ The doctor told him that unless he stopped drinking he would be dead within a year.

▪ It was autumn, and the path was covered in dead leaves.

▪ These flowers look dead - shall I throw them away?

▪ Following the shoot-out six people were dead and three were wounded.

dead on arrival

already dead when arriving at a hospital

▪ One of the gunshot victims was pronounced dead on arrival at City Hospital.

▷ late /leɪt/ [adjective only before noun] formal

use this as a polite way of talking about someone who has died, especially someone who died recently :

somebody’s late husband/wife/mother/father

▪ She set up the fund in memory of her late husband.

the late President Marcos/John Lennon etc

▪ He is a big fan of reggae music and the late Bob Marley.

▷ stone-dead/dead as a doornail /ˌstəʊn ˈded, ˌded əz ə ˈdɔːʳneɪl/ [adjective not before noun] informal

completely dead - use this when you are completely certain that someone or something is dead :

▪ By the time we found him he was stone-dead.

▪ Tom poked the bird with a stick. ‘Yeah, it’s as dead as a doornail.’

▷ lifeless /ˈlaɪfləs/ [adjective]

something that is lifeless shows no sign of life - use this about someone’s body, or someone’s hand or face :

▪ He took the dead girl’s hand. It felt cold and lifeless.

▪ The men found Dunlap’s lifeless body slumped in the front seat of his car.

▷ the dead /ðə ˈded/ [plural noun] especially written

people who have died - use this especially about people who died in wars or accidents :

▪ a religious service to commemorate the dead of two World Wars

▪ Four of the dead had been travelling in the same car.

▪ Ordinary Americans are beginning the heart-breaking task of counting their dead.

▷ the deceased /ðə dɪˈsiːst/ [] formal

a dead person, especially one who has died recently - used especially in news reports and legal contexts :

▪ The deceased died from an overdose of diet pills.

deceased [adjective]

dead - use this especially when talking about someone’s relative who has died recently :

▪ The President was an old friend of her deceased father, Dr. Bernstein.

▷ posthumous /ˈpɒstjɑməsǁˈpɑːstʃə-/ [adjective usually before noun]

given to someone or done for someone after they die :

▪ Bentley’s relatives are demanding a posthumous pardon from the government.

posthumously [adverb]

▪ She was posthumously awarded the Queen’s medal for bravery.

▷ be pushing up daisies /biː ˌpʊʃɪŋ ʌp ˈdeɪziz/ [verb phrase] spoken

if someone is pushing up daisies, they are dead - used humorously :

▪ He talks about spending his parents’ money as if they were already pushing up daisies.

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