Meaning of MATERIAL in English


1. a solid or liquid substance

2. material for making clothes, curtains etc


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1. a solid or liquid substance

▷ substance /ˈsʌbstəns/ [countable noun]

a type of solid or liquid, such as a chemical, a mineral, or something produced by a plant :

▪ Poisonous substances, such as garden chemicals, should be clearly labelled.

▪ Resin is a dark, sticky substance.

▪ the problem of disposing of radioactive substances

▪ The green colour of the leaf is due to a substance called chlorophyll.

▷ material /məˈtɪ ə riəl/ [countable/uncountable noun]

any solid substance that can be used for making things :

▪ Steel is a stronger material than iron.

▪ The company supplies building materials such as bricks and cement.

▪ A layer of insulating material should be placed between the panels and the solid wall.

▷ stuff /stʌf/ [uncountable noun] especially spoken, informal

a substance :

▪ What’s that sticky stuff on the floor?

▪ Do you have any of that clear plastic stuff to cover food with?

▷ matter /ˈmætəʳ/ [uncountable noun] formal

any physical substance - used especially in science :

▪ They are investigating an area of space that contains more than the usual amount of matter.

▪ the forces exerted between particles of matter

vegetable/organic matter

▪ In order to decompose, all vegetable matter needs supplies of nitrogen.

waste matter

▪ Dietary fibre makes waste matter from the food we eat pass through our bodies quickly.

2. material for making clothes, curtains etc

▷ material /məˈtɪ ə riəl/ [countable/uncountable noun]

a material woven from threads, which is used for making clothes or curtains, covering furniture etc :

▪ She was wearing a long black dress made of some silky material.

▪ Some materials are easier to dye than others.

dress/curtain material

▪ Could I have six metres of that curtain material?

▷ fabric /ˈfæbrɪk/ [countable/uncountable noun]

woven material :

▪ I want to buy some fabric to make a skirt.

▪ Man-made fabrics such as polyester are easy to wash and iron.

▪ Rayon is used extensively to make furnishing fabrics.

▷ cloth /klɒθǁklɔːθ/ [uncountable noun]

woven material, especially made from natural substances such as cotton and wool :

▪ The main trade was the production of woollen cloth.

▪ She ran her eye over the rolls of brightly-coloured cloth displayed on the stall.

cloth [adjective]

▪ The diamonds were contained in cloth bags bags made of cloth .

▷ textiles /ˈtekstaɪlz/ [plural noun] formal

woven material - use this especially to talk about the business of producing and selling material :

▪ Textiles are one of Mexico’s main exports.

▪ Modern textiles can look too bright in an old building.

textile industry

▪ The textile industry is booming, with profits up 15% on last year.

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