Meaning of NARROW in English


1. not wide

2. to become narrower




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1. not wide

▷ narrow /ˈnærəʊ/ [adjective]

a narrow road, river, bed, space etc is not wide when measured from one side to the other :

▪ A steep, narrow path led down through the woods to the beach.

▪ She climbed through a narrow gap in the fence.

▪ The road was too narrow for me to overtake the car in front.

▪ Nordic skis are longer, narrower and lighter than Alpine skis.

2. to become narrower

▷ get narrower also narrow /get ˈnærəʊəʳ, ˈnærəʊ/ [verb phrase]

if something such as a road, river, path, or passage gets narrower or narrows, it becomes narrow :

▪ At that point the path got narrower and more overgrown with weeds.

▪ The streets were getting narrower, the houses taller as we approached the oldest part of the town.

get narrower to

▪ Having narrowed to about 50 feet in the canyon, the river was now moving with speed and fury.

narrow from something to something

▪ Up ahead the road was narrowing from three lanes to two.

▷ taper /ˈteɪpəʳ/ [intransitive verb]

if something tapers, it is narrower at one end than the other :

taper to

▪ In the north the island is six miles across, but it tapers to two in the south.

taper to a point

▪ The leaves are bright green and taper to a point at the tip.

▪ The girl’s forehead was broad, tapering to a delicate chin.

tapering [adjective only before noun]

▪ She had beautiful hands with long tapering fingers.

tapered [adjective]

▪ The columns supporting the arch are tapered and beautifully carved.

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