Meaning of ACCEPT in English



accept a bid

The auctioneer may refuse to accept any bid below a certain price.

accept a booking

Bookings can only be accepted on receipt of a deposit.

accept a challenge (= try to deal with one )

He was ready to accept new challenges.

accept a cheque (= take a cheque as a form of payment )

We only accept cheques if you have a bank card.

accept a claim

Many scientists were reluctant to accept his claims.

accept a compliment (= show that you are pleased to have been given a compliment )

She accepted his compliment graciously.

accept a gift

Sam accepted the gift on behalf of the school.

accept a nomination

Lieberman accepted the nomination as the vice-presidential candidate.

accept a notion

Probably 95% of scientists now accept the notion that human activity is causing climate change.

accept a recommendation

The President accepted the report’s recommendations.

accept an application

The college refused to accept my application.

accept an explanation (= believe that it is true or correct )

The court accepted her explanation.

accept an invitation

She accepted his invitation to dinner.

accept an offer (= say yes to it )

Are you going to accept their offer?

accept defeat

It can be very hard to accept defeat.

accept failure

Being able to accept failure is part of life.

accept sb's resignation

The Prime Minister reluctantly accepted his resignation.

accept sb’s apology

Please accept my apologies for having to cancel our meeting.

accept sb’s logic (= agree that a reason is correct )

The government should accept this logic and exempt all students from paying the tax.

accept the limitations of sth

Take pride in your achievements, but accept your limitations.

accept/admit liability

The company accepts no liability for any loss, inconvenience, or delay caused by a cancellation of train services.

accept/admit the truth

Our pride kept us from admitting the truth.

accept/adopt a suggestion (= do what is suggested )

The issue was finally settled when Amelia’s suggestion was adopted.

accept/agree on a compromise

It would be advantageous for both countries to accept a compromise.

accept/agree to conditions

He refused to accept the conditions set by the rebel leader.

accept/receive a delivery

Someone must be at home to accept the delivery.

accept/take a bribe

Any officials who accept bribes will face criminal charges.

accept/take a card (= allow you to pay by card )

Big hotels will accept most cards.

accept/take criticism (= allow it and learn from it )

Very few people know how to accept criticism.

accept/take responsibility for sth

To his credit, he took responsibility for his actions.

accept/take the consequences (= understand and deal with them )

I’m prepared to accept the consequences of my decision.

acknowledge/recognize/accept the existence of sth (= agree that something exists )

They organization finally acknowledged the existence of a problem.

an accepted convention

Saying 'thank you' and 'please' is an accepted convention.

an accepted/received notion (= an idea that most people believe )

These women challenged accepted notions of female roles in society.

approve/accept a proposal

The proposal was approved by the committee.

believe/accept an excuse

She didn’t believe his excuse for one minute.

fully accept

I fully accept that what he says is true.

generally regarded/accepted/known etc

The plants are generally regarded as weeds.

a generally accepted view

resign yourself to/accept your fate

I had no choice but to resign myself to my fate.

take/accept cuts (= agree to have something reduced )

Some employees were forced to take pay cuts.

take/accept redundancy

Twenty staff members took voluntary redundancy.

take/accept/shoulder the blame (= say that something is your fault )

No one was prepared to take the blame for the disaster.

Parents must shoulder the blame if their kids behave badly.

treated/recognized/accepted etc as such

Birth is a natural process, and should be treated as such.




Unless parents fully accept the child, the burden of pain and failure will be passed on.

Yet he could not fully accept it.

A lesson had been learned, but not fully accepted im-mediately, and it was enormously frustrating.

Resolving this conflict was critical in fully accepting the responsibility in being a manager and developing credibility.

Nowadays we fully accept short sight.

But that big, awful secret from her past prevents Lisa from fully accepting his love.


It was coming to be generally accepted by 1880 that the state was the proper political expression of the nation.

You might be surprised how difficult it is to develop a generally accepted definition of this most widely used political concept.

That is to say, your study will provide you with the knowledge that is generally accepted as making up the subject.

Not that there was a generally accepted view of how, they might be different.

That period over, there is a stage of continued high growth when the dominance of the new technology is generally accepted .

The media continue to publish favorable reports on prediction claims that are not generally accepted by the scientific community.

Well-known rule here, and generally accepted .

Under generally accepted accounting principles, companies may use straight-line or one of the accelerated methods of depreciation for financial accounting purposes.


They would never accept him back.

He did it on philosophical grounds, and never accepted the medal or the money.

Never accept ActiveX controls unless you're absolutely positive they're from a reputable firm.

Never accept a lift from some one you've just met!

Profit for financial investors was allowed to encourage their investment; but it was never accepted as the purpose of the corporation.

Nomatterhow strong the historical evidence for the resurrection, we shall never accept it.

When he died I was so sad, not just because he died but because he never accepted the Lord.


Consistently, the results indicate that this mixture is readily accepted by the plant.

Yet they readily accepted Joseph Alsop when he arrived in 1902.

One readily accepts this interpretative excellent, but what is the cost?

In accepting both what I like and don't like in her, I can more readily accept both aspects in myself.

Those who have differing political philosophies may readily accept and utilise a concept of proportionality.

What is more, painful remedies have been most readily accepted from those governments unburdened by past mistakes and old dogmas.

Now, I was more readily accepted by my black friends than my white friends.

This document won praise from the liberal majority at the Council, and was readily accepted , subject to a few amendments.


That is widely accepted by all those involved in health and safety both in Britain and throughout the world.

Yet the reaction to date does not suggest that this idea has been widely accepted .

The importance of incremental learning in some aspects of the curriculum is now widely accepted .

I had memorized those few facts widely accepted by Princeton undergraduates to be part of an investment banking interview survival kit.

The retirement impact hypothesis appeared to spread quickly and to be widely accepted , particularly in governmental and other widely disseminated documents.

It soon became widely accepted that Mercury, like the Moon facing Earth, always kept the same side facing the Sun.

However, through the 1950s and early 1960s it became widely accepted by biologists.

It is still widely accepted today.



And the woman, believed to be a pretty mum in her twenties, has accepted his apology .

I want to say I do accept his apology .

And I've accepted your apology .

Again, please accept our apologies .

Please accept our apologies if any event or occasion was overlooked.

Please accept our apologies for taking so long to send the materials that you requested.

Of course we accept his apologies with every grace.


Somehow they must find the courage to accept the challenge .

So he has accepted their challenge to run a marathon in 2 hours, 10 minutes, 45 seconds to qualify.

Oh yes, just like him, we're going out there to win, to accept the challenge with a will.

Mayor Willie Brown, rather than accepting the challenge , shifted the onus back on recalcitrant neighbors.

In an attempt to copy her sister Sarah's exploits she accepted a challenge which nearly got her expelled.

It required a trader to accept all challenges .

This puts theology in a much stronger position to accept the challenge posed by historians and philosophers.

The Marquis does not wish to accept the challenge from an old man but Juan insists.


I've learned to accept the fact of being a rock star and how big the band's become.

At some point Rudi seemed to have accepted the fact that he would never satisfy his intellectual ambitions.

Arthur soon accepted the fact that he would have to settle for second best.

Refuse to accept the fact that the gambolling lamb in the field is their future Sunday lunch.

Today, very late, we are coming to accept the fact that the harvest of renewable resources must be controlled.

Sadly, she accepted the fact that there was now little chance of a tête-à-tête.

Any city manager accepts the fact that he or she is at the mercy of the council majority, he said.


The child increasingly is capable of evaluating arguments rather than simply accepting preformed unilateral ideas .

The decline of infant mortality makes it easier to accept the idea of smaller family size.

When you accept new ideas in the course of a compromise, you benefit. 3.

My father would not accept the idea .

Not everyone accepts the idea of the Neolithic period as woman-centered.

Are the group members flexible enough to accept ideas and opinions different from their own?

But if the people who accepted the idea of wartime service for their sons expected honor or understanding, they were mistaken.


Two hundred of them accepted the invitation , ending their visit with tea and scones in the school hall.

She had accepted the invitation as a walk on the very wild side.

We have asked you here and you have accepted our invitation .

Alvin accepted the invitation and planned for the tour with all his usual energy and sense of organization.

Perhaps she had already compromised herself beyond recall by accepting the invitation .

We decided on the way home that we would accept no more such invitations .

So far, there has not been a great rush to accept the president's invitation , now several years old.


You do not have to accept this offer , but it makes sense to do so.

He retired from the Navy in 1979 to accept an offer to be president of the Citadel military college in South Carolina.

However, Richard Baxter was hesitant to accept this offer for other reasons also.

They're selling off their shares for cash rather than accepting Wanadoo's offer of 0.225 shares for every Freeserve share.

In his Charlton days, Lawrence was forced to accept any reasonable offer to ease the club's financial crisis.

It was not until two years later, however, that Clark accepted Chapman's offer to join the team.

They might therefore be fearful of losing out if they accept a tender offer prematurely.

Your Directors certainly have no intention of accepting the offer in respect of their own shareholdings.


That episcopal ordination made one a member of the episcopal college was accepted in principle by the second session.

Under generally accepted accounting principles , companies may use straight-line or one of the accelerated methods of depreciation for financial accounting purposes.

I think Mr. Lloyd accepted , in principle , that that would be so.

The term generally accepted accounting principles is somewhat debatable in the field of financial accounting.

It is accepted that the Rechsstaat principle is implied by Article 20.

Once Asquith had accepted the principle of state-financed pensions he had to decide to whom they should be paid.

He has accepted it in principle , which does him great credit.

Councillors yesterday accepted the idea in principle after a presentation by Homesmith.


Under this threat, Churchill sent a long reply on 28 November, explaining why Britain could not accept Berle's proposals .

How could she accept the proposal of a man she had known for only a few weeks.

As we have seen, there are good reasons for accepting this proposal .

They are demanding that Clinton accept much of their proposal before they will increase the debt ceiling limit.

Campaigners now hope parish councillors will abandon their scheme for 30 new lights and accept alternative proposals instead.

Then his girlfriend decides to accept the marriage proposal of an-other man.

There has never been any reason why the United States should accept this type of proposal .

The Shah seemed to Sullivan to accept the proposal .


But the council, the majority of which backs Byrd, never accepted the resignation , an apparent violation of state law.

How different things are now than in 1992, when President Bush refused to accept the resignation of Adm.

Finally, on June 29, Pérez accepted the resignations of six Cabinet ministers and five more junior government members.

I must beg therefore to give up the appointment and request you to accept my Resignation .

President Yeltsin overruled their objections on his return from holiday, and refused to accept Saburov's resignation in protest.


We too need to accept the responsibility to act peacefully and protest constructively.

We are either to have an Army of soldiers or he will not accept the responsibility for the Army.

But the Government had to face the realities and accept responsibilities , he said.

Anyway, I accepted responsibility and apologized and expressed deep remorse.

The Independent Labour Party was thus forced to accept full responsibility for continuing the dispute.

The parents accepted their responsibility for helping Mark, but in spite of their efforts, the problem worsened.

The average human being learns, under proper conditions, not only to accept but to seek responsibility .

And Mayleas has accepted the responsibility of finding the money.


It is difficult in this case not to accept the view of the.

Not that there was a generally accepted view of how, they might be different.

Mr. Dunn Does my hon. Friend accept my view that the Labour party would really like tied workers living in tied cottages?

This used to be a widely accepted view .

Labour and the Liberal Democrats appear to accept without question the view that our constitution is absurdly out of date.

The Catholic sector is unable to accept such a view .

The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution and government ministers accept this view .

Obviously Mr Lamont accepts this view and the overall balance he has struck would seem to be right.



One analysis is that a party to the Protocol has agreed to accept some treaty obligations.

The senators started at one hundred thousand, but agreed to accept seventy-five thousand.

The covenantee can not have both the promised performance and some other performance which he agrees to accept .

Candidates can get around the cap if they agree to accept individual contributions of no more than $ 150&038;.

Semen infected with hepatitis or syphilis can be donated, but only if a woman agrees to accept it.

Lucille got to talking with the defendant, Freddy Mack, and agreed to accept a ride home.

She identified the most likely candidate as Leach, who, she said, had agreed to accept her nomination.

President Reagan agreed to accept tax increases immediately in exchange for spending cuts to be named later.


Families who are desperate for housing are forced to accept bad housing offers simply because they have no other choice.

The mediator merely functions as a facilitator and has no legal power to force the parties to accept these suggestions.

In his Charlton days, Lawrence was forced to accept any reasonable offer to ease the club's financial crisis.

Now that she was forced to accept that she hadn't, Celia began to panic.

They forced her not to accept the house.

Paling forces the reader to accept that resolution is not always possible.

My father threatened to punish them, so they were forced to accept my company.

This true type, having found her man, was forced to accept that biology was indeed destiny.


Officials are preparing new figures after accepting that estimates by their own consultants, Touche Ross, are inaccurate.

But Edwards, who was prepared to accept £10 million from Knighton, is believed to want nearer £30 million now.

The Treasury was prepared to accept this provided there was no commitment to immediate action.

The regents were not prepared to accept such returns.

Locke was evidently not prepared to accept this.

People who six months ago might have been on £25,000 a year are now prepared to accept considerably less.

If they are not prepared to accept them jointly, they should not have children at all.

There are opportunities here for solicitors who are prepared to accept that the conveyancing service can be better delivered.


So deeply ingrained is our instinct to search for a pattern that we refuse to accept any input as genuinely random.

Tenants who refuse to accept leases are given notice to quit and find themselves on the streets after years of loyal service.

But he refused to accept such a fate.

They refused to accept Morgan's assertion that the gens and group marriage were characteristic of the earlier human societies.

Herbert 92X refused to accept a plea bargain, since he regarded what had happened as an accident.

Because of its sometimes precarious economic position, no rank would refuse to accept the king's wage.

A civilization generally refuses to accept a cultural innovation that calls in question one of its own structural elements.


It seems to be accepted that peers are not expected to contact the Lord Chancellor's department before they speak extrajudicially in public.

At some point Rudi seemed to have accepted the fact that he would never satisfy his intellectual ambitions.

Now that we were adults, she seemed to accept me as a friend.

But Chiron did do this and Zeus seems to have accepted him as a substitute.

We seem unable to accept the world as it is.

But the Bruins seemed to accept their plight, rather than challenge it, and that may have most distressed Harrick.

Mr Howie does not, but seems to have accepted that the criticism has ruined his board's plans.

They seem to accept his new role, primarily as a power forward, and marveled at his increased bulk.


After a three week strike, the company has finally accepted the workers' pay demands.

Alice accepted the job of sales manager.

Divorce is hard on children, but they have to accept it.

Do you accept travelers' checks here?

Going to a new school is hard, but you have to try and accept it.

I decided to accept the job.

I finally accepted the fact that I would die if I didn't stop smoking.

If they offered you a place on the course, would you accept it?

In the US, people have come to accept that they will probably have several different jobs over the course of their career.

It was difficult for Paul to accept the fact that he was going bald.

My parents have always accepted me just as I am.

Norton is in prison for accepting bribes.

Owens refused to accept Bisonga's explanation.

People are beginning to accept the idea that higher taxes may be necessary.

She'll never accept that her husband has been unfaithful.

She succeeded in persuading the jury to accept her version of the events.

Steptoe finally accepted that his son didn't want to continue working in the family business.

The idea of a common defence force has been accepted by some EU governments.

The judge accepted that Carter did not mean to harm anyone.

The office does not accept applications from non-residents.


But wordings which did not take the shape of a request also soon came to be accepted.

One day, not long before he died, he accepted it.

The child's solicitor must serve and accept service of documents on the child's behalf where there is no guardian.

The end user must have an Internet browser capable of accepting and playing the applet.

With subtle flattery she had gradually been accepted by the housekeeper.

Yet they have helped persuade a suspicious population to accept Mr Salinas's much-needed reforms.

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