Meaning of ACID in English

I. noun


acetic acid

acid house

acid jazz

acid rain (= which contains pollution from factories )

forests which have been damaged by acid rain

acid rain


Blueberries need acid soil.

amino acid

carbolic acid

citric acid

fatty acid

folic acid

hydrochloric acid

lactic acid

nitric acid

nucleic acid

phosphoric acid

phosphoric acid

prussic acid

sulfuric acid

sulphuric acid

tartaric acid




However, the author covers the other applications such as sulfur-containing compounds and amino acids in detail.

Tryptophan is a naturally occurring amino acid .

Proteins-made from amino acids .

Folic acid appears to lower the blood levels of homocysteine, an amino acid.

The diet must contain a suitable range of proteins and amino acids .

Primary structure refers to the joining of the amino acids through peptide bonds to form polypeptide chains.

Aspartic acid has the fastest racemization rate of the stable amino acids and is the acid usually chosen for dating bone samples.

At 4 a. m., he drinks a protein shake with four more dietary supplements and six amino acids .


Those used range from mild organic acids such as citric acid to phosphoric acid highly reactive sulphuric and hydrochloric acids.

The fact that lemons and limes share citric acid does not mean they share much else.

This is also known as the citric acid cycle or Krebs cycle.

Less threatening contents named by Mr Milburn included sucrose, cocoa, butter, liquorice root and citric acid .


It's all about six essential amino acids , apparently.

It is true that most plant foods fall short in one or more of the essential amino acids .

Secondly, cats must have animal fats in their diets because they are incapable of manufacturing essential fatty acids without them.

He was prescribed a course of multivitamins, essential fatty acids , and glutathione supplements.

In contrast with our results, these studies describe a pattern of essential fatty acid deficiency, probably related to malabsorption.

These are essential amino acids . 3.

The essential fatty acids , or EFAs for short, are all polyunsaturated fatty acids, also known as PUFAs.

While all essential fatty acids are polyunsaturated, not all polyunsaturated fatty acids are essential.


At the time there was little understanding of the role of folic acid in the normal working of the body.

Doctors can easily check blood levels of B-12 and folic acid , he says.

What's interesting is that it fell by 1990, before folic acid was popular.

For several years, doctors have encouraged women who could have children to consume folic acid .

But they had no low dose folic acid supplements.

Thus, the incidence of spina bifida decreased most dramatically when folic acid was not widely purchased.

So the public-health community wants folic acid added to cereals used in enriched grain products, such as bread and pasta.


The treatment can decrease the time it takes the body to remove the lactic acid build-up in your muscles.

Cultured buttes-milk is pasteurized skim milk or low-fat milk that has been soured by lactic acid producing bacteria or other similar culture.

Once the lactic acid is dealt with, those aches and pains should not be as bad.

They effect formation of lactic acid and flavor components.

Taken in mid-morning, it coated the teeth and then incubated until lunchtime; the lactose fermented into lactic acid .

One factor contributing to this malaise is the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles that can follow heavy drinking.

I remember seeing a tooth being stripped of its enamel by soaking in lactic acid .

But these helper molecules are normally used to process many other toxins, including lactic acid .


Some of this increase can be attributed to the evaporation of remaining nitric acid from the condensed phase as temperatures rise.

The nitric acid assures good electrical conductivity.

The nitric acid solution is then mixed with an organic solvent and the uranium and plutonium are separated from the waste products.

The men were injured in March last year when seven cubic metres of concentrated nitric acid escaped from a valve.

The major Billingham-based production includes ammonia, nitric acid , urea and both straight nitrogen and compound fertilizers.

Results of the autumn and spring nitric acid measurements are shown in Fig. 2, together with total column ozone data.

Deposition of nitric acid in particular may contribute to the equation as a fertiliser as well as a pollutant perse.

Hydrochloric acid is sometimes replaced by nitric or sulphuric acid.


Fats are made up of units called fatty acids - saturated, mono-unsaturated along with polyunsaturated fatty acids.

In conclusion, dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids enhance duodenal resistance to acid by potentiation of adaptive cytoprotection.

Diets rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids enhance the phenomenon of adaptive cytoprotection and render the duodenal mucosa more resistant to acid.

Either polyunsaturated fatty acids enhanced mucosal resistance or the oleic acid supplement weakened the defensive mechanisms.

The essential fatty acids , or EFAs for short, are all polyunsaturated fatty acids, also known as PUFAs.

These results also question the rationale of using n3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.

While all essential fatty acids are polyunsaturated , not all polyunsaturated fatty acids are essential.

The essential fatty acids therefore are cis form, polyunsaturated fatty acids.


The residue is treated with sulphuric acid and boiled.

The amount of water vapour in a battery depends on the concentration of sulphuric acid in the solution.

Here he also made alum and sulphuric acid by the lead chamber process.

Hydrochloric acid is sometimes replaced by nitric or sulphuric acid.

No problem if your inquisitive Year 10 tips potassium into concentrated sulphuric acid .

Those used range from mild organic acids such as citric acid to phosphoric acid highly reactive sulphuric and hydrochloric acids.

Moisture in the coal would quickly become converted into dilute sulphuric acid , and attack the sides of the hold.


Birds excrete uric acid rather than urea because it is an insoluble solid.

Dietary purine intake may provide a significant source of uric acid .

The lower limits of normal for serum uric acid are arbitrarily defined and may vary from one lab to another.

Abnormalities it, urinary but not intestinal excretion of uric acid may produce clinically recognizable disorders of urate metabolism.

Essential hypertension is often associated with an augmented proximal reabsorption of sodium and uric acid .

The entryway was a garbage dump for rotted food, and the stairways reeked of old and pungent uric acid .

Based on these two characteristics, differential spectrophotometry has been applied to the quantitation of uric acid .

The remaining amount of uric acid is excreted in the biliary, pancreatic, and gastrointestinal secretions through the gastrointestinal tract.



This was coupled with an increased faecal bile acid concentration and proportion of secondary faecal bile acids.

Supplementary dietary phosphate decreased the fatty acid concentration only on the low calcium diet.

The bile acid concentration in faecal water also decreased with increasing dietary calcium, and this was not influenced by dietary phosphate.

An extensive nutritional screen was performed, including measurements of blood mineral, vitamin, and fatty acid concentrations .

Total bile acid concentration was calculated as the sum of all gas liquid chromatography detected individual bile acids.

A reduced short chain fatty acid concentration has also been reported in pouch contents from patients with pouchitis compared with those without.

In contrast to fatty acids , the total bile acid concentration was hardly influenced by the different diets.

The oleic acid concentrations used are in the range encountered in patients with steatorrhea.


The heavy thump of acid house music was everywhere.

Some acid house parties can be heard miles away across the countryside: the inhabitants of normally quiet villages deserve protection.

None the less, there are some aspects to the present acid house craze which distinguish it from its predecessors and which need attention.

We know who's been organising acid house parties for the past year.

Joey Meeson watched as Lizzy danced, her body undulating to the thumping rhythm of the acid house music.

I found the acid house thing really disillusioning.

Police arrested 11 men with sound equipment on their way to a Saturday night acid house party in the New Forest.

An acid house party attended by children as young as 12 was broken up by police yesterday.


Prevailing westerly winds spread acid rain across the country, however.

Ever tighter regulations are being introduced to protect the environment from emissions contributing to the greenhouse effect or acid rain .

It is largely our need for electricity and transport and our demand for consumer goods that ultimately leads to acid rain .

This must surely mean that acid rain was natural and the acidification of lochs had nothing to do with power stations.

Hydrocarbons also contribute both to acid rain and to ozone formation.

The illustration shows the devastating effect on the marble produced by structural movement and the ingress of acid rain .

Here were the seeds of the twentieth century problem of acid rain and other crises besides.

The acid rain was splashing around my feet, rapidly dissolving my boots.


Oesophageal strictures are probably caused by a combination of chemical oesophagitis, ulceration, and acid reflux .

Simultaneous food and acid reflux occurred for only 0.95+5.2/-1.2% of the time.

Oesophageal contractions not associated with acid reflux have been reported.


However, acid secretion in old subjects without atrophy was not different to that in young subjects, irrespective of H pylori status.

In man and other species, there is accumulating evidence that gastrin stimulates acid secretion by releasing histamine.

There are no studies on the acute effect of alcohol intake on gastric acid secretion in chronic alcoholic patients.

Children who are malnourished with chronic diarrhoea have defective gastric acid secretion .

The belief that acid secretion declines with advancing age has been widespread.

Our findings may also have clinical implications concerning longterm treatment of acid related disorders with potent inhibitors of acid secretion .

H pylori has variable effects on serum gastrin concentrations and gastric acid secretion .

The gastric mucosa resists the corrosive effects of peptic hydrochloric acid secretion and noxious extrinsic agents.


Ibrox, therefore, could be an acid test for Robertson, Levein and a few others.

The acid test , of course, was to sit through Driving Miss Daisy without shedding a tear.

The acid test was when I told him why I never had any money to spend, but he was very understanding.

The critical question, the acid test of socialism, is the distribution of power at the point of production.

The acid test of a good leader is the extent to which they select a style to suit the circumstances.


drop acid

There were the heavy rooms for dropping acid or taking mushrooms.


sulfuric acid


A chronometer is hidden within all words, and in each length of nucleic acid .

But amygdalin reacts with an enzyme in the almond to produce glucose and two very characteristic compounds, benzaldehyde and prussic acid .

Inject a minimum of 10 gallons of sulfuric acid .

One factor contributing to this malaise is the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles that can follow heavy drinking.

Saturated hydrocarbons can burn to aldehydes, alcohols to organic acids, and aromatics to unsaturated compounds which are pungent and irritating.

Some of these complexes form immensely complicated sequences of nucleic acids which begin to replicate themselves.

There was no significant difference between the linoleic acid and the eicosapentaenoic acid supplemented groups.

We subsequently determined the soluble faecal concentrations of calcium, phosphate, fatty acids, and bile acids.

II. adjective




They were keen to combat acid rain , freeze carbon dioxide emissions and improve public transport.

Smog and acid rain , water pollution and sewage disposal, dams and river-flows will become ever more contentious issues.

Carbonates destroyed by the acid rain release vast quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

For the pupils it's a graphic introduction to how acid rain starts out.

By the time he and his colleagues had completed the 1979 follow-up study, acid rain was much in the news.

Sulphur goes on to produce acid rain .


For my own small study, the acid test was one of relevance.


Because of acid rain, this Scandinavian lake is now too acid to support fish.

In general, ferns like organically enriched, moist but well-draining soil on the acid side.

Smog and acid rain, water pollution and sewage disposal, dams and river-flows will become ever more contentious issues.

Sulphur goes on to produce acid rain.

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