Meaning of ACID in English

/ ˈæsɪd; NAmE / noun , adjective

■ noun


[ U , C ] ( chemistry ) a chemical, usually a liquid, that contains hydrogen and has a pH of less than seven. The hydrogen can be replaced by a metal to form a salt. Acids are usually sour and can often burn holes in or damage things they touch.

—compare alkali

—see also acetic acid , amino acid , ascorbic acid , citric acid , hydrochloric acid , lactic acid , nitric acid , nucleic acid , sulphuric acid


[ U ] ( slang ) = LSD

■ adjective


( technical ) that contains acid or has the essential characteristics of an acid; that has a pH of less than seven :

Rye is tolerant of poor, acid soils.

—compare alkaline


that has a bitter sharp taste

SYN sour :

acid fruit

➡ note at bitter


( of a person's remarks ) critical and unkind

SYN sarcastic , cutting :

an acid wit



early 17th cent. (in the sense sour-tasting ): from Latin acidus , from acere be sour.

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