Meaning of ACOUSTIC in English



an acoustic/an electric/a classical guitar




Electric bass, electric and acoustic guitars . b. Tibsheif, Derbyshire.

Budd, who has been strumming his acoustic guitar through the Midwest, writes introspective songs with a witty, sincere touch.

Buckingham used his Takamine for a lot of the acoustic parts, but various electrics and other acoustic guitars were also employed.

His acoustic guitar work is considered the standard by which all other flamenco players are now measured.

Or perhaps it was the combination of moon, surf, and acoustic guitars .

National made these instruments specifically to be the loudest acoustic guitars in existence - and they succeeded.

Their supporting act was a guy dressed in black playing acoustic guitar .


The ability of speech recognition systems to discriminate words from acoustic information alone is not encouraging.

We increased the acoustic information by incorporating lexical stress into the representation.

Increasing the specificity of the acoustic information .

The semantic constraint may take precedence over acoustic information .

And accordingly, listeners process acoustic information less carefully when dealing with predictable words.

Furthermore, the same acoustic information can be perceived differently depending on its higher-level context.


Moreover it may sometimes be the case that the acoustic input is simply insufficient to discriminate between hypotheses.

The first covers transducers, horns or velocity transformers and acoustic input and amplitude, and mentions health and safety.

The problem is not just one of poor acoustic input but also of ambiguous word boundaries.

The representation must allow us to compute a link between descriptions of acoustic input and stored descriptions.


Its unamplified acoustic properties are really quite surprising.

They all share certain acoustic properties which, he thought, would make the call difficult to locate.

The ceiling is closed up with varnished boards which renders the acoustic properties excellent.

As in the case of any musical instrument, the actual form of each grotto directly influenced its individual acoustic properties .


The high acoustic quality of the recordings proved to be critical in such cases.

Should it at times carry more weight than bottom-up acoustic quality ?

Areas of poor acoustic quality but tightly constrained by local syntactic and semantic information would be identified through top-down prediction.


For speech recognition the principal operational difficulty to be faced is the interference to the acoustic signal from background noise.

When they were built Dungeness was quiet enough not to interfere with acoustic signals .

A further problem can be the microphone performance - different microphones can produce different acoustic signals which need to be standardised.


Deaf people get no acoustic feedback when they talk, so their speech is often impaired.

Various pieces of recording equipment are used to produce interesting acoustic effects.


Budd, who has been strumming his acoustic guitar through the Midwest, writes introspective songs with a witty, sincere touch.

It is known that there are few, if any, reliable acoustic cues to word boundaries.

It is this industrial market that excites potential manufacturers of acoustic microscopes.

Possible swap for interesting electric or acoustic .

The insects that bats prey upon have a comparable battery of sophisticated electronic and acoustic gear.

The noises you heard - the explosive noises - were the acoustic effects of a second Darkfall strike.

The vibration takes the form of an acoustic wave travelling down the rod.

Unfortunately, the beginnings of utterances appear to be particularly unconstrained by either the acoustic material or the linguistic interpretation.

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