Meaning of ACOUSTIC in English

I. əˈküstik, -tēk also -kyüs- or -kau̇s- adjective

or acous·ti·cal -ə̇kəl, -ēk-

Etymology: acoustic from Greek akoustikos of hearing, from akoustos heard, audible (from akouein to hear) + -ikos -ic; acoustical from acoustic + -al — more at hear


a. : of, relating to, adapted to, or affecting the sense of hearing or the organs of hearing

the acoustic apparatus of the human ear

— compare auditory , aural

b. : of or relating to sound or sound waves

the acoustic intensity of a shrill voice

: deriving from sound

acoustic energy

c. : controlled or actuated by sound or sound waves

the ship was blown up by an acoustic mine

d. : influencing sound or sound waves (as in direction or speed)

their voices rang back from the acoustic barrier of the high cliff before them

e. : of, relating to, or concerned with acoustics

acoustic engineering

: specializing in acoustics

an acoustic contractor


a. : made for, designed for, or having the quality of facilitating or improving the perception of sound

a tiny acoustic device very efficient in promoting hearing

: designed or serving to produce, carry, or diffuse sound

a highly efficient acoustic system

b. : made for, designed for, or having the quality of controlling sound ; especially : designed to eliminate or lessen noise and other unwanted sound (as reverberations or echoes) : noise-absorbent or sound-absorbent

an acoustic ceiling

acoustic wallboard

acoustic tile



(1) : of, relating to, adapted to, or produced by a method of recording sound by the use of a thin diaphragm vibrated directly by sound waves, the vibrations being in turn transmitted directly by the diaphragm to a recording stylus that cuts corresponding grooves (as in a revolving disc)

(2) : of, relating to, adapted to, or produced by a method of reproducing sound by the use of a reproducing stylus whose vibrations are transmitted directly to a thin diaphragm, the corresponding vibrations of the diaphragm being directly amplified to produce audible sound

an acoustic recording

— compare electric 1b

b. : of, relating to, or adapted to measurement of depth (as of the ocean) by means of sonic or ultrasonic vibrations

acoustic soundings

• acous·ti·cal·ly -k(ə)lē, -li adverb


variant of acoustics

III. adjective

1. also acoustical : of, relating to, or being a musical instrument whose sound is not electronically modified


a. : being a musical group or performer that uses acoustic instruments

b. : being or involving a musical performance on acoustic instruments

IV. noun

( -s )

Etymology: acoustic , adjective (herein)

: an acoustic musical instrument (as a guitar)

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