Meaning of ACTIVIST in English




a party activist (= someone who works hard for a party )

Campaign literature is distributed by unpaid party activists.

a peace campaigner/protester/activist

Several peace campaigners were arrested at the demonstration.

animal rights activists/campaigners/groups etc

Bill has been involved in the animal rights movement for years.




Accusations of naivety are levelled at all those who struggle to change the world-from Marx to anti-globalisation activists .


Sister Souljah is a black political activist turned rapper.

Such actions increased the enmity between the two groups of black activists and led to more conflict.

He never really understood the anger and impatience of black activists in the 1960s.

The studied indifference of the federal government increased disaffection among civil rights workers. Black activists especially became increasingly alienated.

Schoolchildren rioted in protest at examination fees; teachers planned a pay strike; and black activists threatened to occupy white schools.

How such racist pornographic material escaped the rye of black activists presents a problem.


A panel of lawyers, academics, consultants, writers and civil rights activists selected the winners.

Within months, the religious right had begun to compare her plight with that of civil rights activists in the I 950s.

It follows a campaign by a civil rights activist called John Bugg.

He then organized a successful effort to channel the energies of civil rights activists into the politically preferable voting rights arena.

She was a theorist whose intellectual speculations placed her at the cutting edge, even among civil rights activists .

Well, Paul Robeson, the singer, actor and civil rights activist , for one.

Among those involved were Bowes Egan and Eamonn McCann, later to become prominent civil rights activists .

The year is 1964, and three civil rights activists have disappeared in a redneck town in Mississippi.


The combination of his views and his casual approach to politics sorely tested some Conservative activists in Aldershot.

His father, Leo, was a successful lawyer and Conservative activist .

There was a clear separation between the Cabinet and Mrs Thatcher in the minds of many Conservative activists and observers.

Dozens of prominent conservative politicians and activists are working to generate memorials to honor the 90-year-old Reagan.


Komsomolskaya Pravda claimed that democratic activists were being arrested for proclaiming Niyazov's support for the coup.

The hotel is owned by well-known Democratic activist Joe Cesare.

The Martins, longtime Democratic activists , said Thurman arranged for them to give the tape to McDermott.


There are no animal rights or environmental activists on the banned list.

The group, like other environmental activists , would prefer the use of hydrogen alone to generate power for fuel cells.

The group was divided into two subgroups: one for teenagers, and one for the community's environmental activists .

Until relatively recently, organized religion has left environmental protection to environmental activists , concerned scientists and political figures.

Few environmental activists would agree with that judgment.

There's considerably less bitching about the federal government, environmental activists and co-ed dorms.

It also points to a developing new alliance between environmental activists and religion.


At one point a furious gay activists delegation turned up.

That same year, she supported gay activist Cleve Jones when he considered opposing Brown for his Assembly seat.

He deserves better than to be criticised by gay activists with such a cheap shot.

It took a couple of years to develop, but gay activists say they believe that storm has arrived.

And that is what gay activists in more and more places are seeking.

The 6-3 ruling was hailed by gay activists as a landmark in homosexual rights.

These liberals, these feminists, these gay activists .

The very behaviors that gay activists had spent years promoting seemed to have contained the seeds of disaster.


The leaflet given to Labour activists mentions none of these things, concentrating on how many ordinary people go to arts events.


He lectured and was a local activist .

The party elite and the local activists certainly tried their utmost to influence the outcome of elections.

Workers tell local activists they are notified to clean up before Health Department inspections.

In May, hundreds of local officials, activists and Eurocrats met in Amsterdam for a summit of their own.

City leaders and local activists are urging residents to read the report and attend the sessions.


In the 1970s, the prevailing demand among political activists and their academic sympathizers was for freedom first and education later.

What would these people have to do if they did not infiltrate groups of young political activists ?

Hundreds of political activists are in prison.

In 1986, a political activist new to San Francisco was attending a fund-raiser to fight an anti-gay initiative.

They have struck back by closing more than 40 reformist newspapers and jailing dozens of journalists, students and political activists .

A political activist for 25 years who has twice run for a seat in the U.S.


The Nationalists' military advances were everywhere marked by the slaughter of leftist militiamen and of known left-wing and Republican activists .

Experienced Iowa Republican activists suggest that undecided voters may stay home on what is likely to be a raw wintry evening.

Other prominent left-wing republican activists were Eamonn Melaugh and John White.

There, local officials allowed Republican activists to take away several hundred forms and complete them.


One is a social activist with a high moral tone, an earnest do-gooder and role model to millions.

Those arrested Friday were Lisa Valanti, 47, a social activist of Pittsburgh.

He knew Chico Mendes, leader of the rubber-tappers and social activist , whose murderers have recently been released from jail.

Over the past two decades this Wisconsinsized country has become a magnet that has drawn social activists from all over the world.


Since August the group has killed 94 people, mostly community leaders and union activists .

Runtal, on the other hand, became a union activist .


What would these people have to do if they did not infiltrate groups of young political activists ?

The old guard, too fond of international conferences, has given way to a younger breed of activist .

A new breed of zealous, ideologically driven young political activists captured the Republican Party.

Early in 1915 most of the younger activists resigned in order to devote their energies to developing a women's peace movement.

And young activists can win the princely sum of £100 if they come up with the winning slogan.

A number of young activists who had been involved in internal politics since 1976 were also elected.



It was the latter path that a group of New York AIDS activists took in 1987.

His first, Kristine Gebbie, resigned after being criticized by AIDS activists for being ineffectual.

As demonstrators blew whistles and chanted on the streets, other AIDS activists got stuck into the science.

Degaying had the opposite effect that many AIDS activists hoped.

The man who invented foil-embossed paperback covers. Aids activists .

His opinion has been almost universal among gay and AIDS activists even to this day.

Many AIDS activists have opposed home test kits, because they feared people would receive inadequate counseling.


Even more ambitious attempts to bring trade unionists and community activists together in educational settings have taken place at Northern College.

The crowd of affirmative action supporters included university students, government workers, community activists and business people.

Instead, in the main, it has concentrated on access, second chance, and a limited concept of training for community activists .

Recently a group of community activists led by Long proposed setting up road signs that would identify it as Citrus Ridge.

A community activist , he unsuccessfully ran against John de Beck for a city schools seat two years ago.

Meanwhile, a community activist has become very pro-business.

Laura, a feisty community activist played by Angela Michelle Navarro, goes the grocer one further.

On Sunday night, about 300 tenant supporters, community activists and students marched to the site from Justin Herman Plaza.


Dozens of parents, students and national leaders of Latino activist groups unsuccessfully petitioned the school board for her return.

Federal regulators mean well, as do their defenders among various activist groups , but they are driving people crazy.

Wolfe is president of the Justice for Pan Am 103 activist group .


The clamp down became more brutal: opposition activists were attacked by hit squads and six key opposition leaders were rounded up.

When the pyramids began to collapse, crowds rioted throughout the small country and opposition activists demanded that the government step down.

His announcement followed the sentencing earlier in the month of a further 45 opposition activists on charges arising from the February disturbances.


To Liberal party activists , however, it was the extinction of a lamp, the end of an era.

Some were established party activists , such as entertainer Barbra Streisand, who gave $ 50, 000 to the Democratic Party.

She and other party activists travelled to Dumfries to hear Joyce address a meeting on 7 February 1935.

But there were signs of grassroots backlash in the constituencies among the 300,000 party activists who will decide the leadership.

To suppose that the influence of a minority of party activists will not in the end prevail is to delude oneself.

Yet others argue that demand is the key, as select implicit or explicit discrimination by party activists .

Other literature is distributed by the unpaid party activists .


It is important to grasp what it was that peace activists thought they were trying to prevent.

Most peace activists remained united by their continuing opposition to rearmament, if by little else.

For many peace activists , Thabet was a friend, and trusted ally.


The older student activists were disillusioned once again.

Professors friendly with student activists were forced to resign.

Dreams and dialectics Hippy and student activist continue to recognize each other as allies.

More recent readers were student activists .



It may be that this will gradually work through and become apparent in the activists in about five years.

Jennifer Coburn can pinpoint the moment she decided to become an activist .

When Mr Michael Foot became leader, activists gained greater control of the party machine.

Runtal, on the other hand, became a union activist .

Some, previously only marginally interested, developed a consciousness as trade unionists and became committed activists .

Observers saw Ochs poised to become the folkie / activist pillar mantle that Dylan had abandoned for rock and less political songs.

Among those involved were Bowes Egan and Eamonn McCann, later to become prominent civil rights activists .

Patient leaders, on the other hand, became activists and sought reforms.


She builds the story from taped interviews with 200 leading activists .


Then, in the late 1970s, Lovins met and married another activist named Hunter Sheldon.

But you meet other activists , go to their meetings.


Clinton's AIDS "czar" resigned after being criticized by gay activists for being weak.

environmental activists

The Global Communications Group links ecological and other political activists via the Net.


He was an activist by total commitment, and a professional.

He was known to be a political activist , but as far as we know had no record of violence.

Jennifer Coburn can pinpoint the moment she decided to become an activist .

Labor activists say that although there are no legal age cutoffs, the industries prefer to hire young and malleable workers.

Let me suggest another topic: the recent violent murder of two lesbian activists in Oregon.

Many activists want him to concentrate more on party heartlands.

Read in studio Animal rights activists have been targetting people and shops in the region for the last five years.

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