Meaning of ACTIVITY in English



a cycle of poverty/activity/birth and death etc

the cycle of violence between the two countries

a leisure activity/interest

Many people have little time after work for leisure activities.

business activities

His wife refused to get involved in his business activities.

buzzing with activity

a classroom buzzing with activity

commercial activity

Commercial activity in our society is highly competitive.

criminal activity

There was no evidence of any criminal activity.

diplomatic activity

The attacks led to intensive international diplomatic activity.

economic activity (= the amount of buying, selling etc in a country or area )

This year we have seen an upturn in global economic activity.

feverish activity (= activity that is done very quickly because there is not much time )

The show was about to begin and backstage there were signs of feverish activity .

flurry of activity

The day started with a flurry of activity .

frantic activity

a day of frantic activity

fraudulent activity/behaviour/conduct

gang activity

In most areas, gun crime is linked to gang activity.

human activity

Our research measured the impact of human activity on this particular eco-system.

illegal activities

They were suspected of being involved in illegal activities.

intellectual development/ability/activity etc

a job that requires considerable intellectual effort

intense activity

The opening of the restaurant was preceded by a period of intense activity.

neural activity

signs of neural activity

physical activity

We all know about the health benefits of physical activity.

subversive activities

He was engaged in subversive activities .

terrorist activity

The Foreign Office has issued a warning to tourists about terrorist activity in the country.

un-American activities (= political activity believed to be harmful to the US )

whirl of activity

The next two days passed in a whirl of activity .




Thus recorded crime can only be seen as an indication of criminal activity .

On the one hand, people in communities hard hit by criminal activity need to be protected.

However, the Arizona market is not an isolated den of criminal activity in Bosnia.

Lo, an associate and an employee face multiple counts of fraud and other charges for alleged criminal activities in 1990-92.

These are corporations deliberately set up, taken over, or controlled for the explicit and sole purpose of executing criminal activity .

There may, for example, be changes in public opinion towards the police and the reporting of criminal activity .

Thomas had a mission, to destroy the missile and prevent the shapechanger from carrying out his criminal activities .

Florida's Supreme Court ruled the men had no right to privacy because they willingly took part in criminal activities .


He was not a music lover, nor was he particularly attracted by any cultural activity .

At the same time we expose local people to new developments that may be beneficial to cultural activities .

Prisoners' education is enhanced by a wide range of cultural activities .

And dancing and music and other cultural activities were provided which the hands were obliged to attend.

All prisoners are urged to pursue educational and cultural activities .

This myth has persistently mitigated against a recognition of other centres of cultural activity .

In terms of economic, cultural and political activities , therefore, the primate city had little competition.

There should be room for relaxation, for sport, for social and cultural activities as well as academic work.


Answer guide: Because the accounts are to do with measuring economic activity rather than the timing of receipts and payments. 7.

Retail sales are a gauge of consumer spending, which accounts for two-thirds of economic activity .

Over a period of decades, however, the location of economic activity changes.

During periods of recovery, stocks are usually more attractive investments because rising economic activity increases companies' earnings.

With cross-sectional data it is not possible to make precise comparisons between changes in employment and economic activity over time.

More than a third of economic activity takes place in Manila.

Castilian speech, Castilian ploughs, Castilian fallows, and the Castilian attitude to economic activity go together.

A political motive was clearly bound up with this economic activity .


Learning is both a conscious and an unconscious human activity .

It has no other being except that which is bestowed upon it by human activity and consciousness.

The navy says that burial at sea is less expensive, demands less shipyard work, and is isolated from human activity .

This is the claim that industrialism had lightened the intensity of human productive activity .

In fact they are vital to the accurate reconstruction of past human activities .

In advancing the tenets of racism, Western theorists left no avenue of human potentiality and human activity untouched.

In any case, human activity was not the only factor in the observances.

Nevertheless, it was perhaps for the same human activities that had shut us up like this to let us out again.


This is important as video evidence of illegal activities etc., can later be used in court to substantiate the groups claims.

Were the people you called engaged in illegal activities ?

Inpart this diversity is the result of wide variations among legal systems, popular definitions of crime and patterns of illegal activity .

Of course, all this illegal activity has its penalties.

Defence Minister Gene Louw emphasized that neither was linked to any illegal or criminal activities .


The mental activity underlying the actions, still remains radically different.

This ability liberates the child from sensorimotor intelligence, permitting the invention of new means of solving problems through mental activity .

On the other hand, we have mental activity which enables us, second-by-second, to conceive of ourselves as mental entities.

I refer to the direction of physical and mental activity toward the accomplishment of a major task.

But learning does, of course, imply memory and mental activity .

If you concentrate hard enough, your mental activity will slow down.

It was Strongheart's manifest mental activity which opened his eyes to the mental process present in all living creatures.

Anyway, this is what Wittgenstein says: It is misleading to talk of thinking as a mental activity .


This left the store manager free for other activities .

People connected with your other activities or interests.

Many accidents are caused by sports or by other activities whose risk are well known.

In other ways the activities of the councils tend to conflict with regional policy and weaken its effects.

In the other activity , techniques are related to principles with a view to enquiring into the relationship between the two.

There are a host of other activities taking place during the four days.

There is not much other activity at the airport.

Within existing Compacts, companies have funded prizes for attendance, computers, conferences and other activities .


This chapter deals with outdoor activities within the school grounds.

Walking and birding are two of the fastest-growing outdoor activities .

The bureau has brochures highlighting outdoor activities that tourists can participate in -- activities that are well-suited for a recreational greenway.

They do lots of fun outdoor activities like canoeing, hiking and camping.

Importantly, will provide greater traffic and e-commerce opportunities on Emap's own outdoor pursuits online activities .

The centre is ideally located within easy reach of many historical sites and venues for practical and outdoor activities .

Forthcoming events include outdoor activities in the park, a barbecue and a trip to the Open Naval Day at Rosyth.


People can take part by doing any physical activity that makes the heart beat faster and lasts for 15 minutes.

Lights should be softened and physical activity minimized.

The advice of the ophthalmologist must be sought before physical activities are allowed.

Turning physical activities into games, especially the ones the child benefits from, requires ingenuity.

The enjoyment of gross physical activity goes on for a long time, progressing to skipping and rushing-about games.

Just as parents should foster good nutrition from an early age, they should support and encourage healthy physical activity .

Start thinking about new physical activities you could try.

For some parents, visualization, meditation, and relaxation breathing techniques help; other people prefer physical activity to reduce stress.


For every argument against political activity there is a counter-argument as well.

The money must be spent on pre-convention political activities .

Seen in this light, management is a political activity and it is an emotional activity too because organisations are about people.

Can teachers be required to support union political activities ?

The great majority of the population are not allowed to participate in any political activities except those expressly encouraged by the regime.

In 1979 he was expelled from the National Assembly and was subsequently banned from political activity .

As national freedom drew near, political activities grew more intense and Gandhi stood at their epicenter.


Unless these exist in some measure it becomes virtually impossible to continue any social activity .

The study of social policy particularly hives off a specific area of social activity in a way that must violate subject boundaries.

He sponsored recreational and social activities for the benefit of his workers.

Cultural Affairs Social activities and a varied arts programme contribute much to the quality of university life.

They were pleased with the results and reported an increase in their social activities .

The group organises monthly social and sporting activities , including cycle sessions, and has bought nine tandems through sponsorship and fundraising.

This is likely to cripple a person's ability to follow his or her group's round of normal social activities .



The only stipulation is that the topic must have some relationship to business activity or current affairs.

Selling an invention, or even suppressing one, is quite as legal as your own business activities .

These relate to her previous business activities in the gas industry, which she now says she is reforming.

These total plans are made up from the individual plans of every business activity of the corporation.

Ken was a veritable factory of show business activity .

However, many halls of residence will have to pay business rate because many of them undertake business activities in the recesses.

The area became marginalised, cut off from the hub of business activity across the river.


When applying for a job, make sure you emphasize the interests and leisure activities that an employer would find relevant.

It also means that a massive 45. 8 percent of our time is available for leisure activities .

Sports participants have much higher frequencies of participation than do participants in other leisure activities such as the arts.

Other topics on which findings are ambiguous are the effects on leisure activity , crime, and degree of dependence on parents.

For a small village Long Riston is well equipped for sporting and other leisure activities .

It is an exhibition designed to attract and reflect all aspects of health and leisure activities .

Take, for example, listening to music, which many people see as a leisure activity .

Betting is one of Britain's top leisure activities , even more popular than a trip to the pub or eating out.



Seeing him engaged in domestic activity , Tibbles came up to him and began to rub her harsh fur against his legs.

Government officials are not allowed to raise campaign funds or otherwise engage in partisan political activity .

In most cases, you will be required to request permission from your line manager before engaging in any political activity .

He drew animals, as well as lots of people engaged in activities like driving cars and airplanes.

They were expressly forbidden to engage in any other activities , of course.

Were the people you called engaged in illegal activities ?

The phrase suggests that Brunelleschi was engaging in an activity other than art.

They are certainly not engaging in homosexual activity , but she is definitely at risk if he is a carrier.


Trotting poles will also help increase the suppleness and activity of the horse.

One can certainly point to abuses resulting from the increased activity around art.

All the more reason perhaps to increase the franchising activity north of Watford.

This increased activity continues for some seconds, longer than the time required for any language processing of that information.

To lose weight really effectively, you need to eat fewer calories than you expend each day and increase your activity level.

The supplementary motor area has shown increased activity during learning of new movements.

A battery of field guns had been increasing its activity over the last hour, Reeves reported.

Some of this increased activity was due to more people traveling during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.


Frequently our younger engineers had leisure activities involving strenuous physical activity.

Consideration is given first to the anatomic arrangement of the nervous and skeletal muscle systems involved in this activity .

The systems approach to educational technology involves four basic activities or stages: 1.

The members of the board of directors and supervisory managers are also involved in these activities .

It held regular services, ran a Sunday school and was involved in numerous village activities .

George Hearst has been involved in the activities of the Hearst Corporation since 1948 and a director for 40 years.

The first signs of breeding will probably involve some serious digging activity , often round the bases of the rocks.

Neither was involved in procurement activities .


a hive of industry/activity etc

Brimscombe Port was once a hive of activity but has now largely disappeared.

In just a few days the centre will be a hive of activity.

Murrayfield was a hive of activity yesterday as there were also sessions for the under-21s, under-19s and under-18s.

Once again the room becomes a hive of activity, and the evening meal is forgotten.

One day, towards the end of March, the whole place became a hive of activity.

The courtyard was a hive of activity.

The place a hive of industry.

Within a day of landing, the ship became a hive of activity.

a whirlpool of emotion/activity etc

a whirlwind of emotions/activity etc

Life has been a whirlwind of activity for Rimes, a middle-school student from Garland, Texas.

That set off a whirlwind of activity.

core business/activities/operations etc

Additionally, entire segments of some companies will be eliminated as companies identify and refocus on their core business.

But the single most reliable route to growth is probably to sell off everything but the core business.

In all its acquisitions, Guinness has sought business opportunities that have enhanced and strengthened its core activities.

None was big enough to become the core business of the company, Ousley says.

Our strategy is to focus all our resources on the two core businesses of spirits and beers.

This meant it could concentrate on two core businesses - security printing and heating and bathroom products.

To maintain a high quality exploration portfolio focusing on core business areas and under-explored prospective basins.

Will it be able to manage an acquisition outside its core business -- one in no need of fixing?

gainful employment/work/activity

Both surveys showed that for many people poverty was a way of life even when they were in gainful employment.

How does he survive without gainful employment?

In each decade of the twentieth century, fewer men over 65 have been entered in the censuses as in gainful employment.

Indeed, it has even become fashionable for women to choose dependency by repudiating ambition and gainful employment once they have children.

It occurred to him that it might be easier to find gainful employment in Cornwall.

Some of us actually have gainful employment.

The potential for a recession across most regions of the world will have ramifications for the prospects of expatriates in gainful employment.

When in low spirits, seek gainful employment.


In the afternoon, there will be plenty of activities laid on for the kids.

leisure activities

Military activity was secretly taking place for weeks before the invasion.

Rebecca has always loved hiking and other outdoor activities.

Residents are concerned about growing gang activity in the neighborhood.

the company's business activities

The retirement home arranges social and cultural activities for its seniors.

The workshop was a scene of constant activity .

There's a lot of activity downstairs - do you know what's going on?

There are clubs and other extracurricular activities at the school.

What kind of activities do you enjoy?


It is also, rather vaguely, thought of as a revolutionary activity .

The award goes to the Cranfield student presenting the best dissertation relevant to Courtaulds' activities.

The leader is responsible for the activities and production of a group who share norms and goals.

Third, it should be relatively easy to distinguish work activity from other kinds of activity.

This burst of activity marks a major turnabout in the publishing industry.

Top level managers direct all computer-related activities in an organization.

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