Meaning of ACTIVITY in English


1) to engage in, participate in, take part in an ~ (all students take part in extracurricular activities)

2) to resume one's activities

3) to break off, terminate an ~

4) to curb; paralyze ~ (business ~ was paralyzed)

5) bustling, constant, feverish, furious, uninterrupted ~

6) behind-the-scenes; business, economic; cultural; intellectual; physical; political; scientific; subversive; terrorist ~

7) extracurricular; recreational; social; union activities

8) to buzz, hum with ~

9) a burst of ~

The Bbi combinatory dictionary of English, a guide to word combinations.      Комбинаторный словарь английского языка Bbi. Руководство по словосочетаниям.